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Latest Updates

Today is Monday, Oct. 22
ANNUAL MEETING: The Board of Directors is meeting today in Rochester, NY, USA.
SPREADING THE WORD: Another 350 Bibles distributed during outreach in Pakistan. CLICK HERE

Recent Postings

WORKING SOUL TO SOUL: Thanking God for the opportunity to work in His vineyard in Peru. CLICK HERE
THANKFUL FOR A ROOF OVER THEIR HEADS: Building the church in Mozambique. CLICK HERE
GROWING THE CHURCH: And training up its leaders in Haiti. CLICK HERE
BIBLES FOR NIGERIA: Sharing the Word with new believers. CLICK HERE

Evangelic Expeditions

MISSION: REVOLUTIONCLICK HERE to view video and learn more about C4C world missions.
MEMORIAL FUNDS: Honoring loved ones and helping others via medical missions and the sending of young missionaries.

Mission: Philippines

TACADANG TRAVERSE– A doctor learns the true menaing of healing from the Great Physician. CLICK HERE for a report from this recent trip.

Mission: Peru

MISSION: PERU 2012 – Report from recent trip. CLICK HERE
VIDEO – IN PERU 'WITHOUT HINDRANCE': A trip report about Mission: Peru. CLICK HERE

Mission: Nepal

THE CHURCH IN NEPAL: Fellowship at our newly constructed church in Nepal's Mid-West. CLICK HERE
NEPAL ORPHANS: Meet the new additions to Project 1:27 – children in need of sponsors. CLICK HERE
TRIP REPORT: God has opened many doors to us in Nepal. It is our responsibility to go through them. CLICK HERE
VIDEO Testimony: Witness the importance of the church in Central Nepal. CLICK HERE

Mission: Nigeria

DELIVERING ON A PROMISE: God provides a remote Nigerian village with a generator. CLICK HERE
VIDEO “The Koma People of Nigeria”:
DIVINE MEETINGS IN KOMA HILLS: CLICK HERE to read the Trip Report from Mission: Nigeria.

Mission: Haiti

OUR GOD IS FAITHFUL: Trip Report from Mission: Haiti. CLICK HERE

Chapter News

WELCOME TO C4C CANADA: Learn about goals for newest international chapter. CLICK HERE
BASE CAMP: For more on Chapter News CLICK HERE

Mission: Malawi

SPONSOR AN AIDS ORPHAN: Two children brought to Project 1:27 orphanage. CLICK HERE

Project Prayer

PROJECT PRAYER: RAMADAN 2012 – Islam's holy month (and our time of special prayer) occurred July 20-Aug. 18. CLICK HERE
PRAYER PEAKS DAY: Trip reports from the 15th annual day of prayer from the mountaintops, held Saturday, June 30. CLICK HERE
WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE: CLICK HERE to learn more about Project Prayer.
WORLD WATCH LIST: The 50 most difficult places to be a Christian. CLICK HERE

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The Climbing For Christ mission is to take the Gospel to those visiting or living in mountainous areas of the world where other missionaries cannot or will not go.

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PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: Praises from Africa to Asia

Celebrating the building of a church in Mozambique, above, and the delivery of Bibles in Pakistan, below.



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“He who forms the mountains, creates the wind, and reveals his thoughts to man, he who turns dawn to darkness, and treads the high places of the earth - the Lord God Almighty is his name.” - Amos 4:13
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