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Mission: Denali 2005

Dates: May and June 2005.

Team: (No limit on the number) Eric Alexander, Vail, CO; Andrew Councell, Asheville, NC; Derek Fullerton, Colorado Springs, CO; Steve Nutting, Lake City, CO; Krister Sorensen, Fort Collins, CO.

Purpose: Climbing mission to Talkeetna and the Alaska Range during which team members witness and distribute Bibles and tracts.

Dispatches: CLICK HERE

Final Report: CLICK HERE

After returning to Talkeetna from a trip into the Alaska Range, Climbing For Christ president Gary Fallesen was writing in his journal on May 20, 2004:

“The bumper sticker, ‘Talkeetna: A Drinking Town with a Climbing Problem,’ probably isn’t far from the truth. The local church has a small but fertile mission field. For starters, there are the locals. Then there are all the climbers. A Climbing For Christ mission? Hmm, is that God who just moved my pen?!”

The seed was planted for an Evangelic Expedition to the Alaska Range, home of that highly sought prize Denali (Mount McKinley).

In 2004, 1,275 climbers from 42 countries attempted Denali, according to the Denali National Park & Preserve Annual Mountaineering Summary. On Fallesen’s way home from Talkeetna, he and his Partner in Climb stayed one night at Margriet van Laake’s Earth B&B in Anchorage. They were the only Americans there that night. There were Swiss, Australians, and a team that had just arrived from Taiwan. Fallesen watched as the large group from Taiwan sorted gear in the front yard of the B&B. When he shared this with a brother, his friend said, “Imagine reaching that team with the Word of Christ. It would be a tour de force.” To send just one climber home to his or her country with the Truth of the Gospel would be a blessed thing indeed.

A pastor from Palmer, Alaska, told us: “I don’t think we (as a church) have done anything with climbers. It’s a new kind of clientele or target. That’s probably one of the least churched groups there is.”

This is our mission field. May and June is the planting season. Anyone who is planning to climb in the Alaska Range during those months or who can make plans to be there at that time is encouraged to join us. Some housing away from the mountains may be available through local churches. Otherwise, you must pay your own travel and climbing expenses. This will be an annual mission trip.

To participate in or to learn more about this mission, e-mail:

Climb Alaska

The Word

“... and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not overcome it.”
– Matthew 16:18b


Helping hands

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