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Base Camp

Entering the Mission Field

Climbing For Christ is a missions-based ministry. We exist to send missionaries where other ministries cannot or will not go. Evangelic Expeditions are opportunities to “go,” as Jesus instructed.


 – Called to Central Asia
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Reports From the Mission Field (listed alphabetically)

Kurds and the Way
Project Prayer: Turkey
Project Prayer: Kurdish People

Finding Noah's Ark

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Guide to Denali

Denali Dispatches
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'We who are many form one body'
Big Mountain, Bigger Need
First Ascent of Denali 

Denali Dispatches
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Faces of Haiti
Recommitted to Christ
Pico Duarte

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Mission Moments (July-Dec.)
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Church at Thoman

Plan for Haiti 2010-11
Mission Moments (Jan.-June)
Mission Moments (July-Dec.)
A Bicycle Built for Haiti

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Another heart for Haiti
Special Report: Plan for Haiti
Sanitation: Don't Flush Their Future
Drinkable Water
Change ... for Haiti
Church Builds: Malasi and Thoman
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Medical Trip
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'The God truck'
State of Emergency
Emergency Mission
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Hope For Haiti
Adopt a Village
State of Haiti
Let Them Eat ... Dirt
Hunger in Haiti
Caring for Creation: Service to the Poor
Haiti Needs a Hand, Not a Handout
A brother from another planet
Sick Haiti needs a Doctor
His accomplishments
News on Haiti
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Page 3
Voodoo is NOT the answer
Terror's new target: Children

December Trip
Trip Report
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April Trip
'Love One Another'
Trip Report
Special Report: Plan for Haiti
Help for Haiti
Saving Gilbert
'The least of these'
The power of One
Meet the missionary

Haiti Dispatches
Photo Page
Gentilhomme Church
What's Next?
Medical facility
A View of Haiti
“Share the Wealth” benefit

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Project Prayer

Building brotherhood in Indonesia
Mission Moments

Final Report
'Blessed are the persecuted'

Trip Report

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Profile: Tanzania/Chagga
Profile: Malawi/Lomwe & Yao
Project 1:27 Malawi
Guide to Kili

Trip Report
Raising the Gospel flag
Unfamiliar heights
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Bwana Mungu (Dear Lord)
Feeding Malawi orphans
Project 1:27
The glaciers of Kilimanjaro

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Climbing Kili 

Trip Report: Entering
  the Gate

In the News
A Guide's Life
A Porter's Life
Africa's Rooftop 


Salsa Picante (Jan. 2007)
Salsa Picante (Feb. 2007)
Salsa Picante (March 2007)
Salsa Picante (April 2007)
Salsa Picante (Sept. 4, 2007)
Salsa Picante (Sept. 30, 2007)

Photo Page
Salsa Picante (Spring 2006)
Salsa Picante (Sept. 2006)
Salsa Picante (Oct. 2006) 
Salsa Picante (Nov. 2006)
Salsa Picante (Dec. 2006)

Gearing Up
Final Report
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Canyoneering Basaseachi
Salsa Picante (March 2005)
Salsa Picante archive
Salsa Picante (Nov. 2004)
Salsa Picante (Oct. 2004)
Salsa Picante (Oct. 2004) Page 2
Salsa Picante (Sept. 30, 2004)
Salsa Picante (Sept. 30, 2004) Page 2
Salsa Picante (Sept. 8, 2004)
Salsa Picante (Spring 2004)
Salsa Picante (Spring 2004) Page 2
Sierra Madres trip report

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Bibles for Nepal
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Project 1:27

Video: Dapcha Testimony
Healed and freed from suffering
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Church Build in Dapcha
Mission Moments
Project 1:27
Serving a patient God
Profile: Nepal/Newar

Sharing my Best Friend
Trip Report

Trip Report
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Everest and the One True God
Everest Closed

VIDEO: Koma People of Nigeria
Mission Moments

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Koma Hills Survey
A Light has dawned
Combating terror with the cross
Project Prayer: Nigeria


Trip Report
Showing up and watching Him work
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Cost of a soul? Priceless
Project Prayer: Peru

Destination Dalipey (March)
– Trip Report
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Survey Climb: Bekes/Culiang (May)
Trip Report
Tacadang Traverse (July)
Profile: Philippines/Kankanaey

Trip Report: Setting a record
A Light for Les-eng (June)
Destination Dalipey (February)
Back to Badeo (October)
Trip Report
VIDEO: Preparing to GO
VIDEO: A Fulfilled Promise

Trip Report: Start of something
Project Good Samaritan: Kibungan

Photo Page
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MP7 (2012)
Sky Burial

MP 6 (2011)
Trip Report
Kham in the storm

MP 5 (2010)


MP 3 (2009)
Trip Report
Sky Burial
Pray for China
Profile: Kham Tibetans   

Trip Report

Meet the Missionary
Tibetan Perspective
Feeling the earth move
Pray for China
Yi of little faith

Giants in the Land
Bouldering in South Africa

Evangelic Expeditions

God glorifying, Christ centered, Spirit driven

We are Climbing For Christ! Watch the video above to learn more.

Mission: Revolution 2013

“I am sending you to them to open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in me.” — Acts 26:17(b)-18 (NIV)

Climbing For Christ is a SENDING ministry. We will continue to send members to the ends of the earth. But we also will send support to indigenous missionaries to reach the lost.

What role will you play?

Jesus instructed His followers to “go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you” (Matthew 28:19). This is not referred to as “The Great Suggestion”; it is “The Great Commission.”

It is a calling. Our response shouldn’t be “I am willing to go.” It should be: “I AM GOING!”

Sometimes we go to deliver the Good News of Jesus Christ. Sometimes we go simply to encourage the workers already there. Sometimes we send financial support to help them. And at all times we should be sending our prayers for the work.

We see the role of Climbing For Christ growing in all of these areas.

Here are some blessed opportunities to serve:

Finishing 2012

PERU — When: July 16-29. Purpose: To continue to deliver the Good News to villagers living in remote areas of the Cordillera Blanca mountain range in central Peru. To encourage and support C4C members, such as missionary Jaime Servat and sponsored climber Edwin Milla. Note: An optional climb after the mission is being considering. Estimated cost: $2,500, which includes airfare, ground transport, accommodations, food. Note: This does not include the optional climb. More details to come.

PHILIPPINES — When: July 19-26. Purpose: Trek to Tacadang and Les-eng to worship, provide medical clinics, conduct children's ministry, and deliver supplies. Estimated cost: $75 in-country. Does not include airfare to/from Manila.

POSSIBLE 7 — When: To be determined. Purpose: Re-visit those we first met in 2009 and went back to visit in 2010. Only .05 percent of the population of nearly 1.5 million in this targeted people group is Christian (about 7,500). Churches are non-existent and must be planted. Ninety-five percent of the people are Buddhist. Estimated cost: $2,500, which includes airfare, ground transport, accommodations and food.

ARARAT — When: September. Purpose: To climb Mount Ararat and explore ways to do outreach and serve the physical needs of nomadic Kurds who live and work on and around the HIStoric mountain. Estimated cost: $5,600, which includes airfare, ground transport, accommodations, food, and climb.

PHILIPPINES — When: Oct. 5-8. Purpose: Trek to Badeo to provide a medical clinic, conduct children's ministry, eliver supplies, and share Jesus. Estimated cost: $75 in-country. Does not include airfare to/from Manila.

NEPAL — When: Nov. 4-18. Purpose: To continue work with a Kathmandu-based ministry, including visit(s) to remote villages outside Kathmandu Valley. Also, partnership with a team from Hope Lutheran Church in Rochester, NY, USA to serve in an orphanage that is supported by Project 1:27. Estimated cost: $3,000-$3,600, which includes airfare, ground transport, accommodations and food.

NIGERIA — When: December. Purpose: To deliver the Gospel to Koma people living unreached in the Atlantika Mountains. CLICK HERE to view our videotape, “The Koma People of Nigeria.” The Climbing For Christ team also will be teaching at a second missions and leadership conference and celebrating the anniversary of the C4C-supported church there. Estimated cost: $2,150, which includes airfare, ground transportation, accommodations and food.

2013 and beyond

  • HAITI — January.
  • KILIMANJARO — Late February-early March. Trekking Africa's highest mountain.
  • PHILIPPINES — March. Trek to Tacadang.
  • INDONESIA — April-December.
  • MOROCCO — April or May. Trekking in High Atlas Mountains.
  • PAKISTAN — Between May and end of October. Trekking in the Hindukush.
  • MALAWI — Summer. Work with orphans and church. Possible visit to Mozambique.
  • PHILIPPINES — July. Trek to Dalipey.
  • UNITED KINGDOM — Summer. Working with growing number of interested and enthusiastic C4C members in the UK to expand ministry and begin outreach.
  • PHILIPPINES — October. Trek to Badeo.
  • NEPAL — October-December. Possible Everest Base Camp trek.
  • NIGERIA — Late in year or in 2014.
  • PERU — Between May and December. Huayhuash trek.
  • MISSION: POSSIBLE — Date to be determined.
  • ETHIOPIA — Date TBD. Simien Mountains.
  • LESOTHO — Date TBD.
  • BHUTAN — Date TBD.

Check back for updates on 2013 mission trips and watch for more information in future E-Newsletters, Alerts and Updates.

If you desire to serve or want more information on any Evangelic Expedition, e-mail info@ClimbingForChrist.org. Participation requires a Climbing For Christ membership (CLICK HERE for the free application) and applying for the specific mission. To God be the glory!

Missions Archive

A Review of 2012 Missions:

“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” — Proverbs 16:9 (NIV)

The question is asked occasionally: “How do you decide where you're doing?” Our Sunday School answer: “God.” But it's true. We pray, seek to abide in the Spirit, research the many places and peoples, and then wait on Him to send us.

Sometimes we plan to go somewhere, but it's not God's plan and it doesn't happen. It might be an issue of timing, nothing more. However, when it is the right time and the right place and the right people group it all comes together — divinely orchestrated.

NEPAL — When: Jan. 17-Feb. 4. Purpose: Return to Central Region village to visit the church funded by Climbing For Christ and hold church-leader training. Explore the possibility of building the church (the body of believers) and constructing physical churches in other villages in Central and Mid-Western Nepal. Additionally, trek Langtang National Park to reach remote villages with the Gospel. Estimated cost: $3,500, including airfare, ground transport, accommodations, food, and a seven-day trek in Langtang National park. CLICK HERE for Dispatches. CLICK HERE for Trip Report.

PHILIPPINES — When: March 2-6. Purpose: Trek to Dalipey to distribute Bibles, medicine, and school supplies. Estimated cost: $75 in-country. Does not include airfare to/from Manila. CLICK HERE for Disptaches. CLICK HERE for Trip Report (“Burning”).

HAITI — When: March 5-16. Purpose: To continue ongoing work in all areas: spiritual, medical, educational, agricultural, sanitation, water and nutrition. But especially to focus on spiritual teaching and seek to improve relationships with Jesus. Unless the people of this land turn from their wicked ways and focus on Christ alone all of the other work being done here will go to waste. “…a treasure in heaven that will never fail, where no thief comes near and no moth destroys” (Luke 12:33). Estimated cost: $1,800, which includes airfare, ground transport, accommodations, food. CLICK HERE for Dispatches. CLICK HERE for Trip Report (“God is faithful”).

INDONESIA — When: April. Purpose: To continue to encourage and inspire C4C Indonesia and to travel together to a new island for a mountain trek to reach a people group that may have 1,500 Christians among its population of more than 2.5 million (0.06 percent). Also, visit a village on another island where we have been ministering since 2007. Estimated cost: US$1,100, which includes internal travel, accommodations and food. Price does NOT include travel to/from Indonesia. CLICK HERE for Trip Report (“Making the most of our time”).

PHILIPPINES — When: May 18-21. Purpose: Survey climb to Bekes and Culiang. Estimated cost: $75 in-country. Does not include airfare to/from Manila. CLICK HERE for Dispatches. CLICK HERE for Trip Report (“Going a little farther”).

A Review of 2011 Missions:

One needs to look no further than Google Earth to see that the world grows smaller all the time. However, an estimated 40 percent of the people living on this planet (2.7 of the 6.65 billion) still are unreached. The Joshua Project, a research initiative, claims 6,758 of the world’s 16,465 people groups have not been reached with the Gospel.

“Therefore go and make disciples of all the nations” (Matthew 28:19). A missions director in Indonesia was teaching on this subject in May. “Poor people respond to the Good News,” she said. “They don’t have anything to rely on. They are looking for something they can trust.”

We deliver that “something.” Or “Someone.” His name is Jesus Christ.

Jesus went to the people and He sent His disciples to the people. He may send you to reach heretofore-unreached people. What are you waiting for? In John 4:35, Jesus tells His followers: “Do you not say, ‘Four months more and then the harvest’? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.”

Jesus has told us, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” (Matthew 9:37-38 and Luke 10:2).

We asked — and continue to ask — the Lord of the harvest to send workers for Climbing For Christ’s 2011 Evangelic Expeditions.

MISSION: NEPAL — WHEN: Jan. 3-15. PURPOSE: To visit village in Central Region, where Climbing For Christ is partnering with nationals to build a local church. We are going to check on the church build (or site for the church if construction has not begun). Other goals: Encourage the local church and trek in central Nepal for outreach and explore how C4C might serve in this region. PRICE: Estimated at US$1,000. This does not include airfare to/from Katmandu. CLICK HERE for Dispatches. CLICK HERE for “Trip Report: God's Plan for Nepal.”

MISSION: HAITI — WHEN: Jan. 31-Feb. 11. PURPOSE: To take more workers to the harvest in the Chaine de la Selle mountains and to continue the physical work that has been ongoing since 2005, including church building and dedications, VBS, medical clinics and training, water project, sanitation and nutrition education, and surveying new villages. PRICE: Estimated at US$1,500. This includes airfare from New York City to Hispaniola. CLICK HERE for Dispatches.

MISSION: KILIMANJARO — WHEN: March 7-23. PURPOSE: To continue working with Kilimanjaro Chapter members. Climb Kilimanjaro via the Rongai Route, which provides views into Kenya and offers the best campsite on the mountain (Mawenzi Tarn Hut). Visit Project 1:27 Malawi orphans and minister to children there. Also, hiking on Mulanje Massif. PRICE: $5,430, includes airfare (roundtrip from JFK for North American team members); Tanzania visa, Kilimanjaro climb and tips, hotel, transfers and meals; and Malawi expenses. CLICK HERE for Dispatches. CLICK HERE for Trip Report.

MISSION: POSSIBLE 6 — WHEN: May. LENGTH: 16 days. PURPOSE: To revisit people with whom we have developed relationships and continue outreach in the high valleys (13,000-15,000 feet) until a church is planted. PRICE: Estimated at US$2,250. This does not include airfare to/from the gateway city.

MISSION: PERUWHEN: May 10-20. PURPOSE: Visit the central highlands (above 3,050 meters/10,000 feet), surveying how God would have us serve the people in the north-central part of the country. Encourage Christian farmers and deliver the Gospel to non-Christians living near Huascaran National Park, where the highest mountain in Peru (6,768-meter/22,205-foot Huascaran) is located. PRICE: Estimated at US$1,500. This does not include airfare to/from Lima. CLICK HERE for Trip Report: 'Teaching and preaching without hindrance.'

MISSION: PHILIPPINES — WHEN: June 6-16. PURPOSE: Return trek to Tacadang, where we will worship and fellowship with three local churches, conduct medical and children’s ministries, and survey neighboring villages (such as Les-Eng). PRICE: Estimated at US$500. This does not include airfare to/from Manila. CLICK HERE for Trip Report: Setting a record.

MINI-MISSION: PHILIPPINESWHEN: Oct. 21-24. PURPOSE: Return to Badeo to deliver Bibles, medicines, school supplies, and the hope of Jesus Christ. PRICE: P3,000 (about US$75). CLICK HERE for “Back to Badeo” Trip Report.

MISSION: NIGERIA — WHEN: Nov. 30-Dec. 13. PURPOSE: Reaching remote primative people in mountainous area along Cameroon border. PRICE: Less than US$1,000, plus airfare to/from Nigeria. CLICK HERE for Trip Report.

A Review of 2010 Missions:

Kilimanjaro, Cordilleras, Halimun, and Ararat. Tanzania, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Turkey. Chagga, Kankanaey, Sunda, and Kurds. Those were a few of the peaks, places, and people the Lord sent us to reach in 2010.

Mission: Kilimanjaro — WHEN: Jan. 19-31. PURPOSE: To teach evangelism to guides and porters who are members of the Kilimanjaro Chapter in Marangu and Moshi. Optional climb of Kilimanjaro or side trip to Malawi to explore ministry opportunities in the Mulanje Mountains area. PRICE: Estimated at $1,000. This does not include airfare to/from Tanzania and Malawi. Optional climb of Kilimanjaro costs $2,150.

Mission: Philippines WHEN: Feb. 20-28. PURPOSE: Trekking to and serving the people living in the rugged Cordillera mountains in the Kibungan province on the northern island of Luzon. The mountains of Kibungan offer deep ravines and rocky cliffs, leading to incredible rice terraces in remote villages such as Tacadang, Palina, and Poblacion. PRICE: Estimated at $500. This does not include airfare to/from Manila.

Mission: Haiti — WHEN: March 18-25, 2010 and January 2011. PURPOSE: To continue the many projects God has begun through us in mountain villages such as Gentilhomme, Malasi and Thoman, as well as the Dominican border town of Jimani. (Note: The March trip is a special project resulting from the December 2009 mission.) PRICE: Estimated at $1,000. The cost does not include airfare.

Mission: Possible IVWHEN: March 8-17. PURPOSE: To continue providing mountaineering instruction to guides on a 17,703-foot (5396-meter) peak in a restricted country. A team of Climbing For Christ members who have the ability and experience to teach mountaineering, first-aid, search-and-rescue, and/or avalanche detection will evaluate the abilities of local guides and teach much-needed skills. PRICE: Estimated at $1,000. This does not include the cost of a visa and airfare to/from country. CLICK HERE for more information.

Mission: Possible 5 — WHEN: April 6-19. PURPOSE: To revisit remote area reached in July 2009 and to trek farther into mountain valleys to deliver the Good News to a people group that has few, if any, Christians. Most of these people have not heard about Jesus. PRICE: Estimated at $2,050. This includes overseas airfare, but not travel to/from hub airport where team will meet. Visa also not included.

Mission: Nepal — WHEN: Postponed to January 2011. PURPOSE: To plant a church in the Central Region.

Mission: IndonesiaWHEN: May 15-26. PURPOSE: Survey the lowlands and trek up an active volcano (1778m./5,833 feet) to visit spiritual sites and pray over the surrounding region. Trip includes much on-location prayer, interviewing workers, gathering research, photos and video footage that will be used to create a prayer guide and help others pray for this unreached people group. PRICE: Estimated at $500-$1,000. This does not include airfare.

Mission: AraratWHEN: July 9-20. PURPOSE: To climb Mount Ararat (16,854 feet/5137 meters) while seeking God’s direction for working with Kurdish people in eastern Turkey. PRICE: Originally $1,995 for 10-day Ararat climb. Cost does not include airfare to Istanbul, Turkey from member’s home.

A Review of 2009 Missions:

MISSION: POSSIBLE II (Jan. 8-25) — Purpose: To train local mountain guides in a wide variety of mountaineering skills on a 17,000-foot peak in Asia. CLICK HERE for Trip Report.

NEPAL (May 11-June 3) — Purpose: To take the Gospel where others cannot or will not go in Nepal. We will trek in Mustang, which was closed to foreigners until 1992 (and is not open to missionaries), in the Annapurna region rather than again taking the Khumbu highway in the Everest region. The goal is to continue to survey how God would have us work with and serve the people of Nepal. People we will encounter include Thakalis and many Lopas of Tibetan origin. Tibetan Buddhism is the main religion. CLICK HERE for Dispatches.

HAITI (May 18-28) — Emergency trip added in April to address enormous needs in the mountains of Haiti. Trip will include agricultural, sanitation, and water project work. Follow this trip on our Dispatches page.

MISSION: POSSIBLE III (July 5-19) — Purpose: To deliver the Gospel to a dark corner of the world, where illiteracy is an obstacle to sharing that can be overcome through our God of the possible.

HAITI (Dec. 5-18) — Continuing the ministry to mountain people in the Chaine de la Selle range. This will be a medical mission with work also done on sanitation (building arborloo toilets), water (constructing systems to collect clean water), education, and church and seminary support. Climbing For Christ has been serving in the remote parts of southeastern Haiti since the summer of 2005.

A Review of 2008 Missions:

MISSION: KILIMANJARO (Feb. 20-March 5) — We will continue to explore how God would have us serve the people around Kilimanjaro and to identify a full-time missionary from Climbing For Christ who will be called to serve for a minimum of two years in Moshi and around the slopes of Kili. We will visit the church and school in Marangu before the climb and work with missionaries in Moshi after the climb. CLICK HERE to read the Trip Report.

MISSION: POSSIBLE (April) — Survey mission to an undisclosed location to see if the Lord has work for Climbing For Christ in this dark corner of the world. Dispatches were removed for security reasons.

MISSION: NEPAL (April 19-May 11) — To discern how God might use Climbing For Christ to serve people in the mountains of Nepal, share the love and truth of Christ with Sherpa people and trekkers and climbers from around the world, and prayer-walk at Hindu temples and Buddhist stupas and monasteries. Secondarily, disciple one another, grow in our understanding of spiritual warfare and ability to articulate our faith, encourage churches in Katmandu, and have an opportunity to see the tallest mountain in the world. CLICK HERE to read the Trip Report.

MISSION: DENALI (May 12-June 6) — To share the love and truth of Christ with other climbers on the mountain; to promote encounters with the Divine; and to disciple one another and grow deeper in our faith, understanding, and ability to minister. Secondary objectives include supporting and encouraging our friends at Chapel By The Sea in Anchorage and Talkeetna Community Church in the town that is the staging area for the trip to Denali. These churches and their people, who are the body of Christ, bless us and we will seek to bless them. Another secondary objective is an opportunity to stand on the highest peak in North America (weather permitting). CLICK HERE for Dispatches. Read the Trip Report, “Climbing For Christ was here.”

MISSION: PHILIPPINES (Oct. 28-Nov. 7) — A survey mission added to our schedule during this year as a result of the growth of our Philippines Chapter and the selection of the Philippines as host for the 2009 Asia Pacific Adventure Ministry conference. CLICK HERE for Dispatches. Read Ace Concordia's Trip Report, “Preparing for the Last Frontier.”

MISSION: HAITI (Dec. 1-13) — Continuing the work the Lord has done through us since 2005 in the Chaine de la Selle mountains of southeastern Haiti. CLICK HERE for Dispatches. Read the Trip Report: If only we can.

A Review of 2007 Missions:

MISSION: MEXICO (Feb. 16-27) — The Kimble family (members Kevin and Laurie, and their daughters Katie and Holly) of Rochester, N.Y., will be joined by two friends on Climbing For Christ's annual visit to the campus of partner ministry EduVenture Mexico in the Sierra Madre mountains. The Kimbles will be serving in memory of their son and brother, Brian Kimble, a Climbing For Christ member who was killed in 2004.

MISSION: KILIMANJARO (Feb. 17-March 1) — Ten climbers visited villages around Kilimanjaro and ascended the highest mountain in Africa, while praying for and witnessing to the guides and porters. We delivered clothing for the Boulder, Colo.-based International Mountain Explorers Connection. IMEC's Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project is established in Moshi, Tanzania. We were blessed to be a blessing, but our work in Tanzania has only just begun. Read the team's “Reflections” and what's next for this mission: CLICK HERE.

MISSION: HAITI (April 10-19) — The first mission was to help with the school in the church in Gentilhomme. There are more than 140 students and only two teachers in the village. Also, we went to appraise the medical situation and started working toward the implementation of a first-care health facility in the church. We surveyed sanitation and water for the village. Also, we are working on getting food for the under-nourished school children, toilets for homes in the villages, and clean water from the mountain's river to the people. At Christmas-time, we will send a team bearing shoe-box gifts for the many children and families in Gentilhomme (see December trip below). CLICK HERE to read the April “Trip Report,” and for links to the many pages on Mission: Haiti — including a Special Report: Our Plan for 2007 — and Beyond.

MISSION: DENALI (May 11-June 4) — To share the love and truth of Christ with those among the approximate 1,400 climbers from 40-plus countries with whom we have divine appointments while climbing North America's tallest mountain. CLICK HERE for Denali Dispatches.

MISSION: INDONESIA (June 11-27) — Includes an opportunity to speak and teach at a national conference of churches in Malaysia and to do outreach in Indonesia, where our team will partner with members in Jakarta to work in the Muslim community and then possibly trek to a remote mountainous area in Indonesia. CLICK HERE for Daily Dispatches.

MISSION: UTAH (Oct. 20-27) – Outreach to Mormons in climbing areas around Ogden, Utah.

MISSION: HAITI (Dec. 3-12) – Helping with the school and church in Gentilhomme. There are about 125 students who have begun only their second year of school. We are paying two teachers to provide instruction. You will have an opportunity to witness a typical school day and perhaps serve as a teacher's assistant. In April, team members delivered several bags of clothing for children and adults in the village. We also took Creole Bibles to the church. We will take clothing, Bibles, school supplies, and the makings for a shoebox Christmas. Members of Hope Lutheran Church in Rochester, N.Y., have been donating gifts to fill shoeboxes that will be distributed to children in the village. We will construct the boxes after reaching the village. We'll also work on sanitation (there are no toilets in Gentilhomme), the water supply (there is no water in the village), and visit Malasi (another mountain village nearby to survey what the Lord will have us do there in the future). CLICK HERE to read the December Trip Report.

A Review of 2006 Missions:

MISSION: HAITI — The church has been built, but our work in Jeantilhome is not completed. CLICK HERE to see the finished church building and CLICK HERE to see what has been happening since. Read the DISPATCHES and see some of the PHOTOS from the April mission trip.

MISSION: MEXICO — This mission, which occurred May 7-13, again partnered us with EduVenture Mexico. Read the DISPATCHES and view the PHOTOS. Read about Mission: Mexico 2005 below.

MISSION: LESOTHO — An exploratory trip to the tiny, mountainous country surrounded by South Africa from Sept. 25-Oct. 10.

A Review of 2005 Missions:

MISSION: MEXICO — Climbing For Christ member Tim Trezise and his family continue their full-time mission work with EduVenture Mexico. Read DISPATCHES from our inaugural mission trip (April 15-26) as well as a FINAL REPORT on the work accomplished by a team of 12 Climbing For Christ disciples led to the remote mountains of northern Mexico.

MISSION: DENALI — Climbing For Christ members climbed Denali in May/June and used the time to witness to others. Read DENALI DISPATCHES and the FINAL REPORT from the roof of North America.

MISSION: DOMINICAN REPUBLIC — Climbing for Christ members ascended the highest mountain in the Caribbean (Pico Duarte ) and traveled into Haiti for a divine appointment in the hilltop village of Jeantilhome. Read DR DISPATCHES and the FINAL REPORT, which includes the original plans for building a church in Haiti. This trip led to Mission: Haiti 2006.

Page updated July 8, 2012

The Word

“... Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.”
— Mark 16:15


Porter on Kilimanjaro carries water to high camp

A porter at 15,000 feet carries water to a dry high camp on Kilimanjaro. Climbing For Christ teams have been sent to Tanzania four of the past five years. We are working with guides and porters there, teaching them abut evangelism. (Photo by Gary Fallesen)

Helping Hands

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