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Mission: Mexico

Salsa Picante: A Little Spice From EduVenture Mexico
Spring 2005: March 7 Report
By Tim Trezise, EVM Site Director

(Editor’s note: Climbing For Christ member Tim Trezise and his family – wife Kathy and children Caleb and Joy – are on a full-time mission, leading the EduVenture in Rancho Huapoca, Mexico. EduVenture is described as being “for college students with a passion for God and the outdoors – combining education and adventure with simple living and community development.” What follows is Tim’s latest report.)

So, why is the student program not happening this semester? EduVenture is committed to quality work being done in both areas of ministry, the student program and local ministry. As a result, approximately every sixth semester will be a "sabbatical" to evaluate and improve the discipleship and academic aspects of the student program as well as investing time for developing local relationships and ministry that is carried out here year-round (without the students). The sabbatical semester is also intended to be a time for spiritual renewal and development of the staff team. So that is the brief story of what is happening with us this semester. Now here are the details:

More Team Members

We are all very enthused to have our two new staff members, Paul and Jill Inge. This wonderful young couple (Houghton College alumni) packed up and left snowy Lake City, Colo. to settle with the rest of us at our "Rivendell" nestled in Huapoca Canyon of the Sierra Madre mountains. Paul is the new adventure leader, male mentor, and worship leader. Jill is heading up our new bi-lingual ministry with all the children on the ranch. She is teaching them the arts, Bible stories and keeping them active with recreation. She and Kathy are teaching violin and piano lessons to two Mexican children. Jill oversees student life and is another female mentor. We are thrilled to have them here, not only as an answer to prayers for filling the void of much-needed help, but also because of their creativity, energy, and inspiring fellowship.

Staff Language Training

Our entire staff completed a week of language education and ministry training with Betty Sue Brewster – a true gem in the kingdom of God. She is the author of several books, professor at Fuller Theological Seminary, world traveler, consultant, and most importantly, a woman full of the Holy Spirit. We all were encouraged greatly in hearing her heart for the lost and her stories to keep running this race set before us with perseverance and joy. Two times this semester (February and April) we are undergoing intensive classes of formal Spanish instruction with Hector Martinez. He is a good friend and co-leader of "Initiatives International", a ministry in aiding short-term missions groups to effectively support existing ministries in Chihuahua, Mexico. Our staff is spending time weekly studying Spanish and being tutored by Sergio and Daphne. We are encouraged to have these times to develop our ability to communicate in this culture.

Living with our Mexican Families

Our staff will be living with different Mexican families over the span of three separate weeks in February, March, and May. These times are invaluable for gaining an understanding of the local culture as well as increasing our Spanish fluency. The first home stay the Trezise family did was in the city of Chihuahua. It was a wonderful time for the family as well as being a productive time for learning the city and making contacts for future classes for the students. It appears the Lord has answered our prayers for locating a well-qualified Spanish professor to help us teach formal Spanish classes for the students in the future. We would like to offer Spanish credit for our students, and this is a step in the right direction. Another change in the program that will hopefully attract more students is dropping the tuition price significantly to $7,000. If any of you know of college students who you think would be interested in this type of study abroad program please refer them our way. Without student involvement in the semester program we will be unable to continue in the various aspects of ministry here.

Local Ministry Development

EVM continues to serve in support of Huapoca Ranch by helping with projects and services when we are available to do so. This semester we will be practicing our Spanish while we volunteer to work alongside the employees of the ranch. There’s nothing like a language lesson while dodging trees on the back of horse! Our staff helps out each summer with the Christian Camp ministry of Huapoca Ranch, doing a variety of tasks: washing dishes, cooking, construction, guiding horse trail rides and river rafting trips. Daphne will be heading up our outreach to the Pima Indian village, Mesa Blanca. She will be taking some of our staff there a few times to assist our missionary friends, Ricardo and Marina. Our desire is to develop relationships with these timid people and come alongside them in helping them meet their needs and learn of the endless love of Jesus. Jill’s involvement with the children is the other aspect of EVM’s local ministry. EduVenture anticipates helping out with community development in Madera and El Largo with assisting two budding churches in these areas. Perhaps the most impacting ministry we have here locally is discipling the college students who come and live in community with us for 3 1/2 months at a time. We desire to see the Holy Spirit transform lives and inspire these young people to be active with their faith, getting involved no matter where they are in showing God’s love to those in need.

Scouting Trips

We will be improving all of our adventures for the students by making them more intense (yet safe), as well as being high on the fun factor scale. Paul and I scouted a 17-mile river canyon that will be added as a rafting trip (providing we have enough rain). More sections of the ranch will be explored for the inclusion of the trek or horse adventures. Several horse/cow trails will be worked on to make them into single-track rides for our mountain bike adventures. In April, members from CLIMBING FOR CHRIST will be coming down as a work team to help us with some construction, followed by a canyoneering scouting trip to Basaseachi National Park. All of these adventures play important roles in challenging and shaping students and the group, as issues come to the surface when people are stretched beyond their comfort.


EduVenture is heading into another six months with not enough finances to meet its budgetary needs, yet the Lord continues to remind us He is the creator of the sparrows and lilies and an even better caregiver to us. We are praying for people to partner with us to financially help us with the following specific needs:

Paul and Jill’s house:

  • $1,000 for a cement floor
  • $2,000 for exterior block wallls
  • $800 for drywall and interior walls
  • $400 for plaster and labor on inside of exterior walls
  • $700 for rafters and aluminum roof
  • $650 for windows and doors
  • $150 for plumbing, sinks and toilets
  • $350 for paint of interior walls

If anyone is willing to help financially with a specific construction need please just write your check to: EduVenture and designate with a separate note that it is for Paul and Jill’s house and the specific construction need.

Please be Praying for:

  • Students, students, and even more students for future semesters – those who are hungry to serve the Lord and have their character and faith stretched.
  • Alex and Becki Ashe as they are visiting various colleges and recruiting students for upcoming semesters (They are on promo March 4-April 10.)
  • Safety and growth for us as we venture out on various scouting trips.
  • The ministries with the children on the ranch, public outreach during Semana Santa, and the ultra-remote community of Mesa Blanca
  • Recovery from surgery for Daphne & Julia and healing of Paul’s sprained MCL/hamstring in his knee
  • Work teams to assist us with building Paul and Jill’s house before next fall. We have one team coming in April and possibly another in early August, but could use one or two more.
  • Financial support for EVM and EduVenture as a whole.

Financial support and partnering with EduVenture may be sent to 2870 S. Pantano Road., Tucson, AZ 85730


“God works in those who live daringly, He ceases when people no longer need His aid."
– A. W. Tozer

Trezise family

Tim Trezise and his family – wife Kathy and children Caleb and Joy – at an Inca ruins near the ranch in Mexico.

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