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Prayer Peaks Day 2003


Prayer Peaks Day founder Derek Fullerton joined 11 members of the Spokane, Wash.-based Climbers With Christ to ascend Mount Rainier in Washington on June 28.

“In a few ways it felt like 12 Disciples seeking the Lord on the mountain,” Pastor D said after returning to his home and church in Colorado Springs, Colo. “He was and is so faithful. We trust our prayers for our churches and our nation — and Canada, too, as we had a brother from British Columbia with us — somehow caught His attention as He listened from the Father's right side.”

The group was awakened at 11:30 p.m. June 27 by howling winds, and began the climb toward the summit at 12:30 a.m. June 28. “Under a cloudless, moonless night, we enjoyed the starlight and seeing a little of the Northern Lights before dawn,” Fullerton reported. “We summited a couple of hours after sunrise and spent a half-hour in prayer from the summit crater. This was only one of our several prayer meetings over the course of our time on the mountain.”

Stan Busby, founding director of Climbers With Christ led the climb. He has reached the summit of the 14,410-foot peak a dozen times, and proved an excellent leader able to keep the group together physically, spiritually, emotionally, and with their attitudes.

“We even had a first-time mountaineer, who became a new believer through the ministry of Climbers With Christ in conjunction with the Spokane Rescue Mission,” Fullerton said. “Mark was an inspiration to us all — even as he suffered physically (from altitude sickness).”

Other people sought the heights of His land and took timeout to pray for the church on Prayer Peaks Day 2003.

Jim Doenges, who leads PEAK Outdoor Ministries in Littleton, Colo., guided a group of 21 up Grays Peak in the Front Range of Colorado's Rocky Mountains with 17 reaching the 14,270-foot summit.

“We saw — as Psalm 104:18 states — that the high mountains belong to the wild goats,” Doenges wrote on the South Suburban Christian Church's Web site. “Psalm 50:11 tells us that God knows every bird in the mountains, and we delighted in their songs. Crystal clear mountain streams seemed to visually quench our thirst.

“The alpine wildflowers were wonderful to behold: the rare dwarf columbine, brilliant violet of alpine primrose, the bright blue alpine forget-me-nots, bright reds of kings crown and Indian paintbrush, pink of moss campion, purple sky pilot and greenleaf chiming bells, delicate white rock primrose and American bistort, yellow rydbergia and avens, the yellow and white of marsh marigolds and globeflower, and beautiful dwarf clovers. How many are your works O Lord!

“As Colossians 1, Hebrews 1, and John 1 all remind us, God created all these things through Christ Jesus. Crisp blue skies provided tremendous summit views of much of Colorado, including the snow-filled cross on Mount of the Holy Cross in the distance. That cross was a vivid reminder that all of the Creation we saw, and all who know the Lord, are also reconciled to God through Jesus (Col.1:20). While soaking up the summit views, one visitor on the trip remarked that 'there just has to be a God.' The mountain climbers in the Bible came down from their experiences changed people (think about Abraham on Mt. Moriah, Moses on Mt. Sinai, and the disciples Peter, John, and James witnessing the transfiguration of Jesus). In small ways, we too were perhaps transformed by our climb.”

Climbing For Christ founding family — Elaine, Gary, Jesse and Hayley Hope Fallesen of Rochester, N.Y. — also hiked in the Front Range, taking the approach to Longs Peak and stopping to pray at 11,700 feet around Chasm Lake beneath the East Face of the 14,255-foot peak.

For more information on Prayer Peaks Day, visit: www.prayerpeaks.org

Derek Fullerton on summit of Mount Rainier

Derek Fullerton on the summit of Mount Rainier with Mount Adams in the background.


The Word

“I know every bird in the mountains, and the creatures of the field are mine.”
— Psalm 50:11


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