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Salsa Picante - Page 2

Student Journal Entry

“The last several weeks have been very spiritually stretching, memorable, and fun. Kenny Haught came down about two weeks ago and shared the gospel through the breaking of horses in a round pen. We all learned a lot and were able to really experience the culture of Mexico in this area. After two days with Kenny, we traveled to El Largo and joined a missionary, named Ricardo, and his family. It was amazing to see the passion he had for the people he was ministering to. He has a deep love for them and an even deeper love for Jesus Christ. Our first overnight home-stay was in El Largo with people from Ricardo’s small church. Although these people had all their needs met, they lived very simply; indoor plumbing and heating were no where to be found. The next day we traveled for many hours over dirt roads to Mesa Blanca. The trip itself was an exercise of faith as the trucks (mostly Ricardo’s) broke down several times. God is faithful, however, and we made it to Mesa Blanca with enough time to see the village and leave by dark. God blessed me tremendously as I experienced the joy of these people, both in El Largo and Mesa Blanca, despite having so few material possessions.”
– Stephen Patton

Attitudes of Gratitude & Sessions of Intercession

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”
– Philippians 4:6

Yeah God! Our suburban (Chunk) is in fully operational, surviving the big test of driving multiple hours on rough jeep roads to Mesa Blanca

Thanks for our kindled relationship with Ricardo and Marina

Provision for necessary facilities! Gracias a Dios!

Providing a great group of students with servant-hearts who are concerned for their world and hungry to learn. Thank you Lord!


Good health for everyone down here. Gracias a Dios!

Muchas gracias for bringing Alex and Becki Ashe to Tucson this week. They will be a huge help to all of EduVenture, not just the homebase staff

Students have been reading Henri Nouwen’s book Gracias for their Community Development class. Below are some quotes taken from various sections that have been very meaningful:
“Gratitude is one of the most visible characteristics of the poor … Gratitude is one of the most sublime of human emotions. It is an emotion in which we experience our dependencies as a gift and realize that in celebration of our dependencies we become most aware of who we really are … A treasure lies hidden in the soul of Latin America, a spiritual treasure to be recognized as a gift for us who live in the illusion of power and self-control. It is the treasure of gratitude that can help us to break through the walls of our individual and collective self-righteousness … All that is, is given to us as a gift of love, a gift that calls us to make our life into an unceasing act of gratitude.”

Please continue with us in asking God to reveal the best thing to do in the interests of the local communities and EduVenture

Please join us in praying that the seeds planted by Kenny Haught would receive much water and bear lasting fruit

Pray for stronger relationships and interest at the sponsoring universities and colleges

Ask that God bring the right mix of students for next semester and next year for the Mexico and Fiji programs

Intercede for our needs: finances, work teams and volunteers to help with the more construction projects at both sites

Please also pray for our previous students who are studying back at their colleges or have graduated

Pray that the students will be able to press on in their faith and continue being intentional about living out some of the truths and principles learned

“True prayer always includes being poor. Prayer is the ongoing cry of the incarnate Lord to the loving God. It is eternity in the midst of mortality, it is life among death, hope in the midst of despair, true promise surrounded by lies. Prayer brings love alive among us. So let us pray unceasingly. ”

Financial support and partnering with EduVenture may be sent to 5254 E. Holmes St., Tucson, AZ, 85711

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“God works in those who live daringly, He ceases when people no longer need His aid.”
– A. W. Tozer

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