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Final Report

Sharing the Word on the way to the top

By Steve Nutting

On June 15, Steve Nutting and Pastor Derek Fullerton of Climbing For Christ reached the rooftop of North America – the summit of Alaska's Mount McKinley (Denali). Here is Steve's report:

This was day 21 of our climb, and we were getting close to the day when we would need to abandon our summit attempt. Other teams had heard the weather forcast the day before and started down because it didn't look good. But God gave us three great days of weather in a row – just long enough for us to make the summit, descend to Base Camp, and get a flight out to Talkeetna.

Down low on the mountain, we often times camped on our own away from the established camps, but the second half of the trip was spent at the established camps of McKinley City (14,200 feet) and high camp (17,200 feet). We spent a combined total of six days waiting on the weather at these camps. This allowed for an unusually high amount of interaction with the others at the various camps. We had a Frisbee game at 14K with at least 12 nationalities represented, and a talent show with at least six nationalities. Our group had become known as the “Pastor's group” shortly after our arrival at 14K (two of our team were pastors – Jim Hale, our leader is a pastor in Grand Junction, Colo., speaks Spanish and was able to use it many times to communicate with teams from Spain and Mexico.

All together, our team gave away about 15 pocket New Testaments. Many of the climbers who received one said that they were very excited to read it. One climber, from Washington State received it gladly. “I cached my book at 11,000,” he said.

Another climber, from London, came over to our camp at 14K one morning. We talked almost the entire morning and Jim and I found out that he was very interested in Buddhist philosophy. He was also having many conflicts with his own climbing party and seemed happy to have someone who would listen to him. I gave him a Bible that morning, and the next morning he had questions about what he was reading. Praise the Lord! After that time, he latched on to our team and we travelled together for much of the remainder of the climb. I was able to do a back-carry with him one day and at about 17,000 feet he was taking in the beauty and exclaimed, “How can anyone say that there is no God?”

After flying off the mountain, we were able to visit Jim's previous church (Talkeetna Christian Center), and there we shared about what God had done in and through us on this climb. We also found several tourists visiting the town were very excited to hear from a climber about the climb, and we were able to talk with a good number of tourists in the past couple days in Talkeetna.

It is neat to see how God has used this trip, both in changing us and in impacting others for the Gospel. We've seen God's hand in this trip since the start, and we want to give Him honor and praise for what He has done!

Thanks for your prayer support in this endeavor.



Steve Nutting

Steve Nutting on the summit of Mount McKinley.


“I didn't want to carry them at first because of the extra weight,” Pastor Derek Fullerton of Colorado Springs, Colo., said about the Climbing For Christ NIV New Testaments. “But we could see God's hand on all that we did with those Bibles. It was phenomenal. We gave them to people from all over the world. I gave one to a climber from Hong Kong – apparently his whole family is saved and he was all excited about getting his own Bible and being able to read it.”


Derek Fullerton

Derek Fullerton on 17,000 feet on Denali in June 2005.

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