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Evangelic Expeditions

Mission: Haiti
Haiti Dispatches
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Jeantilhome Church 
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A View of Haiti
Mission HIStory
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Mission: Dominican Republic 2005
DR Dispatches
“Right Where God Wanted Us”
Faces of Haiti

Photos below: The road into Haiti; sunrise from the village; Todd Paris makes balloon animals for the many children in the village; Brian Arnold leads a Bible study with young adults in Jeantilhome.

Road to Haiti
Balloon animals
Bible study

Mission: Haiti 2006

Picture Page: The view from Jeantilhome



Workers put the roof on the new church building in Jeantilhome, above. Rafters and beams in the building were made of trees cut on Pic la Selle. Each piece of timber needed to be shaved of bark and squared by hand, below.

Todd Jenner
Church service

Pastor Tresin leads the first worship beneath a roof in Jeantilhome, above. The four-hour Sunday morning service consisted of much singing and messages by each of the members of the Mission: Haiti team. Below, worshippers after church.

After worship

The Word

"You are the light of the world. A city on a hill should not be hidden."
Matthew 5:14

Church on a hill

Building materials, such as lumber for roofing, needed to be transported 45 kilometers by truck and carried up Pic la Selle to the village of Jeantilhome.


Santane was a 4-year-old girl who lost the use of her left leg three years ago. Her father asked the Mission: Haiti team to pray for her healing. We continue to do so.

Woman and children

A Jeantilhome woman and her children enter the church door before the completion of the building, above.

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