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Paul & Jill's house
Under construction

Jill and Paul Inge's home, top, was only under construction, above, during Mission: Mexico 2005.

Gearing up

Some of the gear missions coordinator Todd Paris donated to EduVenture Mexico.

Mission: Mexico 2006

Photo Page

By Todd Paris


EduVenture Mexico staffer Paul Inge drills (above), cleans (below) and leads (bottom) a new climbing route placed on the ranch in northern Mexico.

Cleaning rock
First lead
El perro Chacho en una siesta

Siesta time: Dog days on Rancho Huapoca.

“Those who walk uprightly enter into peace; they find rest as they lie in death.”
— Isaiah 57:2

Sierra Madres
Tyrolean set-up

(Top to bottom) The view of the Sierra Madres from missionary pilot Len Zaagman's plane; the set up on the Tyrolean traverse; a horse and colt being nursed back to health on the ranch.

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