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Prayer Peaks Day

Trip Report: Praying for a 'sick' nation

Pastor Derek Fullerton, founder of Prayer Peaks Day, climbed 14,067-foot Missouri Mountain in Colorado's Sawatch Range on July 1 and prayed for a “revival in Jesus' Church in America that would transform our sick society. I believe we can't pray enough outside of our church buildings for our hurting, sin-loving country,” said Pastor Derek.

This was the ninth annual Prayer Peaks Day. Fullerton started Prayer Peaks Day on July 4, 1998 and each year since (always the Saturday before the Fourth of July) there have been peaks climbed with prayer warriors asking God for revival in our country. Originally the goal was to have the 54 Fourteeners of Colorado prayed from by brothers and sisters in Christ on a common day. However, e-mails came in from Africa, Denmark, Alaska and many other states with people wanting to participate. So, even though the focus has been on the Colorado Fourteeners, many other peaks from outside Colorado have had individuals and prayer teams lifting up our nation on this day.

Again this year, Stan Busby of Spokane, Wash. led a group up that state's Mount Rainier. Fullerton climbed 14,411-foot Rainier with Busby's group in 2004.

Climbing For Christ president Gary Fallesen, his wife Elaine, and their children Jesse and Hayley returned to 14,014-foot San Luis Peak, where Gary and Jesse had been stormed off the mountain 300 feet below the summit on Prayer Peaks Day 2004. Jesse was 14 at the time. It had been his dream to climb a 14er at 14 as fellow Climbing For Christ member and Everest summiter Eric Alexander had once done. (CLICK HERE to read that story.)

The Fallesens again found stormy weather in the San Juan Range. This time, the family was forced to turn back at about 12,000 feet.

Jim Doenges, the Colorado Front Range Chapter coordinator, also was turned back by a thunderstorm. He was climbing 14,264-foot Mount Evans with three others. Doenges and a friend returned to Evans on July 14 and “thanks to an earlier start, clear weather, and God's grace” they summitted successfully. Jim quoted Charles Spurgeon, saying: "By perseverance the snail got to the ark." (CLICK HERE to read Doenges' trip report.)

The Fallesens, who live in Rochester, N.Y., likely will go back to San Luis one day for yet another attempt at that summit.

Others had more success with the weather and were blessed with summit prayer time:

Chris Middleton, a Climbing For Christ member from Johnstown, Colo., led a group to the top of 14,270-foot Grays and 14,267-foot Torreys. “We met lots of interesting people and got to share our fellowship with other believers we met on the trail," Middleton reported. "Sometimes in prayer we want to skip the adoration of our Holy God and move straight to our own needs. At 14,000 feet, we couldn't hardly think of anything else we wanted to do, except offer praise to our Father! We spent an hour or so at the summit and prayed with our eyes open.”

Back East, Cheryl Esper of New York's Adirondack Mountains Chapter hiked Sawyer Mountain between Island Lake and Blue Mountain with four of her sons. “The blackflies were horrendous - more like May than July, probably because of the chillier and rainy days we have been having,” said Cheryl, adding that the family “sat on the summit praying from a rocky overlook for 30 minutes. We prayed for the church, our country, revival. The weathered threatened thunderstorms, but it never rained on us.”


San Luis storm

The Fallesen family takes refuge under a lone Evergeen and tries to wait out the rain storm, above, while attempting to reach the summit of San Luis Peak via the South Ridge, below. (Photos by Gary Fallesen)


San Luis (South Ridge)


For during a thunderstorm:

“O God, Almighty and powerful in heaven and on earth, we are reminded by Thy present thundering and lightning that Thou art very wroth with us sinful mortals. By this resounding noise, at which all creatures tremble and are terrified, Thoudost, as by a veritable mourner's bell, call us to a knowledge of our sins and to true repentance, that we may not be condemned with the evil wicked world. Thou, O Lord, art so mighty and powerful that Thou couldst instantly destroy the whole world with a single stroke of lightning, if Thou wouldst deal according to stern justice. But we bend our knees and humbly beseech Thee to cease from Thy fierce wrath, which is kindled against our sins like a fire. Have compassion on us, spare us, lift up Thy face upon us and be gracious unto us. Preserve our body and life, house and home, city and country, our property and all our belongings, also the fruits of the field, from hail, lightning, great floods and all harm. Keep us also from a sudden evil death and graciously grant that many sinners, deterred from their ungodly walks and ways by Thy word, Thy thunder and lightning, may turn in heart and be converted unto Thee. Let us all all hours and moments be mindful of Thy glorious coming to judgment and be prepared to receive Thee with joy and to enter eternal bliss with Thee, Amen. O Lord, be merciful and gracious unto us poor sinners in our body and soul, both in this life and the one to come. Amen.”
— The Abridged Treasury of Prayers (Concordia Publishing House)

Giving thanks after a thunderstorm:

“Almighty God, Heavenly Father, who hast said unto us, "Call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver thee and thou shalt glorify me," we render Thee heartfelt thanks and praise for having graciously heard our prayer and caused the wild storm to pass by without injury to us in person or property. In this wise Thou hast again, like a father shown, Thy faithful heart towards us, in that Thou dost not deal with us after our sins, nor reward us according to our iniquities. Grant unto us, O Father of grace, for the sake of Thine only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, that we may constantly amend our walk because of these earnest admonitions, live in Thy fear henceforth and prepare for the coming of Thy dear Son, in order that we may meet Him in gladness, enter the new heaven, in which righteousness dwells, with joy and rejoicing, and eternally possess it with Thee in blissful contemplation of Thyself, though the same, Thy dear Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.”
— The Abridged Treasury of Prayers (Concordia Publishing House)

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