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Mission: Haiti


Medical care needed

Photo by Miguel Guante

Mission: Haiti

First care medical facility

Look at that precious face. Look at those eyes. Do you see Jesus looking back at you?

This little boy fell while attending the new school in the church that God had us build for the people in the mountain village of Jeantilhome, Haiti. He badly hurt his head, which you can see is bleeding in the photograph. There is no medical care in Jeantilhome.

There are many sick and injured children like this little boy in this village. We have seen them since the Lord asked us to help these people, who are in desperate need. We wisely allowed Him to use us to build a church there in the spring of 2006. Now, that church is a school — the first for the village of Jeantilhome — with more than 100 students. (CLICK HERE to see the latest news and photos from the school.) If someone is hurt the way this boy was injured, the wound does not mend itself.

When I look at this photo I see an infection in the making. I see unnecessary pain.

The nearest health care is 30 kilometers away — beyond two mountains. The sick or injured need to walk to get help. If they are too sick or hurt, they can't make the trip. They either recover or they die.

We believe it is the Lord's desire to stop this suffering. Again, He will use us to provide medical care. We want to take a mission team that would include medical personnel to attend to the ailing health of Jeantilhome, where nearly every person has some sort of sickness or malady. We will teach some people from this village how to provide first aid and help those who might have minor illnesses (colds, stomach viruses, etc.). We will provide medical supplies.

We take for granted the medical care available to us. Simple things — band aids, healing products such as Neosporin, and headache medicine. We see a little boy with a bad head wound and we say, “Fix that.” The Great Physician asks us to go again and do this.

Gary Fallesen
Nov. 1, 2006

The Word

“Jesus answered them, 'It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.'” — Luke 5:31


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