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Mission: Mexico 2007

Salsa Picante

The hot news mix of EduVenture Mexico
Spring 2007 — March 4 Report
By Tim Trezise, EduVenture Mexico Director


Brian's Boulder

Kevin and Laurie Kimble look at the plaque placed on “Brian's Boulder” on the EduVenture Mexico ranch in February.

Kimbles "Rock On"

Once again my heart is empty and full all at the same time — but this is not the end of the semester when it typically happens. Saying goodbye to those we grow to love is always difficult. The Kimble family was the first group to visit EduVenture Mexico this semester. They came for a week to further support our program in any way they could. They also allowed another opportunity for Jesus to sit down next to them and embrace them each as they continue to walk with the pain of losing Brian, their special son/brother/friend, to a senseless murder over two years ago (CLICK HERE to read the news story). They felt the best use of their Brian's climbing gear was to help EVM start the climbing program with hopes his gear would be a blessing to young people growing in their faith.

The week was a powerful time of releasing hurt, forgiving and healing and
best of all — restoration of joyful eyes and smiles through the best gifts
Christ gives us: Faith, Hope, and Love — the greatest of these being Love. 
Last summer I had Daphne help me make a memorial plaque for Brian Kimble,
then mounted it on a large rock at our instructional climbing site near
campus. It has his life verses from Psalm 62:5-7, which reads:

Find rest, O my soul, in God alone;
My hope comes from him.
He alone is my rock and my salvation;
he is my fortress, I will not be shaken.
My salvation and my honor depend on God;
he is my mighty rock, my refuge.

Brian's Boulder is a very special place for the Kimbles and us all. The
Holy Spirit has moved powerfully here and the students and staff have been
right in the middle of it all. We ALL have been impacted by God's love and
grace. The steadfast love for Christ of Kevin and Laurie in leading their
family through a very dark valley puts skin and bones to faith that impacts
all those around them. EduVenture continues to be a ministry where God
works in many more lives than just the students we focus on. Not only do
visitors receive blessing from the Holy Spirit's work here, but our staff
continue to grow in this "Rivendell" on earth. The work of the Holy Spirit
can not be contained when the living water keeps bubbling up in the lives of
men — it spreads everywhere and splashes all over those around.  Humans
infect humans. As C. S. Lewis so aptly put it — Christianity (when it is
alive and full and void of the world) is the "good infection." The Almighty
Physician once again healed many by exposing a few to His mercy, grace, and
love then letting the epidemic spread to all in this community. God
intended our hearts to be a vessel of transferring himself to others —
creating a truly communicable condition. The Kimbles have clung to Jesus'
cloak through their loss, resulting in edification of those who see pain yet
know their foundation is the Rock that can not be moved.

The Kimbles returned to the cold northeast a bit more sore than when they
arrived. Their last day on horseback led to sore legs and bottoms topped
off with some sunburn. Now they know why cowboys walk the way they do! Not
to neglect their upper-body muscles, they also had aches from doing manual
labor projects for us on top of fitting in some rock climbing sessions. As
we have adjunct professors come to teach at EduVenture, we have our adjunct
(better . . . adopted) families that are in integral part of the EduVenture
Mexico community. The Kimbles are the newest addition to the bigger family
here. Thank you Kevin, Laurie, Katie, Holly, Bryan, and Eric. Despite their
pain, joy is budding again in the hearts and faces of the Kimbles. Thank
you Kimbles.

What a privilege it is to see and taste of God's work first hand. I
strongly urge all who read this to position in close to Jesus and his
life-breathing work on this earth. Forsake all that is vain and temporary —
status, careers, money, pleasure, and security and be willing to obey Him
and risk following the most radical man who ever walked this earth.  
Guaranteed, you will have no regrets — just a full life.  There is none like
Him and there is no better place to be than to have a VIP pass to have more
than front seat access to watch His Olympic feats in the hearts of men and
women. The Lord draws us to himself while at the same time sending us out
to all of mankind who need Him. It isn't an easy climb, but way better than
staying in the flat lands of the "world." Tie into His support rope and
climb on, or as Brian would say, "Rock On."

Classes and Visitors

The students have been steadily progressing through their academic work.  In
our foundational course, Spiritual Formation, they have been recently
delving into the depths of truth surrounding spiritual warfare with
discussion centered around C. S. Lewis' book Screwtape Letters and Neil
Anderson's Victory Over Darkness. This is building on the foundational
truths of grace and forgiveness studied previously in the semester. Also,
by the time you read this, each student will have recited two-thirds of the
Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7); that's 72 verses!

In the Community Development class, they have been exploring how to best
enable people in communities to transform their lives for the Kingdom of
God. They have been drawing from their experiences with ministries with the
poor in Chihuahua city and their readings to enhance discussions concerning:
recognizing the trap of poverty, biblical holism, living simply, being
economically responsible, justice for the exploited, building leadership,
establishing discipleship, teaching and training adults, appropriate
technology, and all aspects of sustainability.

The American students have completed most of their Spanish classes, applying
their new language skills whenever they can with the local ranch people
here. Almost all instruction is also completed in the Physical
Education/Outdoor Education course — charting the way for the remaining
adventures of climbing and canyoneering in Basaseachi National Park and the
8-day Trek in April. We have quite a group of adventurers this semester -
they have been excelling on the rocks and horseback. As I write this — the
whole group of students is on their own two-night camping trip as part of
their mid-semester break, camping on the beautiful sand beaches of the

We are finishing up a wonderful two-week visit of Kathy's parents. They
have been sitting in on classes, getting to know the students, helping in
any way they can, and of course, playing with Caleb and Joyellen.

This coming week is going to be the fullest EVM has ever had. We have eight
college students studying to be missionary pilots flying in from North
Carolina to get some pilot experience required for those serving mission
work in remote areas. They will be spending two days here sitting in on the
program, checking out what EduVenture is all about. Dr. Tom Wisley flew in
to the ranch today and will be with us for two weeks teaching the bulk of
our Applied Missions class and all of the Cross Cultural Communications
class. Needless to say, it will be an academically busy two weeks for the
students as they compress a lot of classes into a short period.  We also
have a visitor, Steven Martens — alumni of John Brown University, here
checking out the program and lifestyle as part of his interviewing for the
adventure leader position for EduVenture Papua.  Monday brings the arrival
of five more students from Westminster College of Pennsylvania. Under the
leadership of Steve and Laura Nystrom, they will be spending their week of
spring break camping, trekking, and climbing here in addition to mixing with
our students.

In April we have a group of twenty Mexican young people coming from
Chihuahua, under the leadership of Liz Irigoyen to camp at the Calandria
campus for their Semana Santa four-day break. It appears the Lord has a new
promo/recruiting plan for EduVenture Mexico by bringing people here to check
out the program!  If this keeps up, we may not need to go out and shake
bushes as much to find students for the program. Sure seems like a good
approach since we have neither staff, budget, or time to spend recruiting.

Chihuahua and Comida
By Shelby Hayes, Houghton College

Two weeks ago we took a trip to the state capital of Chihuahua. This trip
will definitely be one of the highlights of the semester. Each one of our
homestays was a wonderful experience. My house mom, Rosy, made authentic
Mexican food for every meal and made me feel at home in everything we did. 
I have never enjoyed blow-drying my hair as much as I did those three days.

We had the opportunity to attend a record-breaking event — the Tacotón
(Taco-a-thon). This was an attempt to break the Guiness Book of Work
records for the biggest hunk of meat (al pastor) I will ever see (10-foot tall).  It made tacos for 30,000 orders. The coolest thing about the whole event
is that the proceeds went to support Ed and Rosa's children's home that we
visited the day before. Food was definitely a theme of the trip. We also
indulged at "Super Coldies" — a local ice cream shop.

Each one of us also had the opportunity to attend church with our host
families, which also happened to be the churches of Dani or Ruben. We were
able to see more of their lives by meeting their friends and families. God
is at work in this city and is working in the lives of the missionaries we
visited. What a life-changing experience! We were able to see what it
means to give up everything and follow the Lord. I am really looking
forward to our next homestay and trip to Creel and the surrounding Copper
Canyon area.

The Lord Provides
By Brooke Aili, Bethel University

In Chihuahua, a repeated theme that I observed in the lives of the
missionaries (Fichi, Ed & Rosa, and Sarah) was that the Lord provides. They
taught me that if you live by faith and trust in the Lord, He will overwhelm
you with His provisions. When Ed and Rosa had nothing left to eat with the
100-plus orphans the live with, they prayed and trusted and God provided in
miraculous ways. When Sarah needed a home for the girls, she had faith and
God provided beyond her expectations. What amazing witnesses they were to
us to trust in the Lord with all our hearts. We need not worry because God
will provide when we have faith and trust in Him.

Dinner At The Roberts'
By Joy Jupp,
Olivet Nazarene University

Thursday evening after bible study Phil and Amy Roberts (owners of the
Rancho Huapoca) invited all of us from EduVenture for a delicious dinner. 
It was quite a week of delectable dinners! Amy made Pink Lemonade — a nice
change of pace from drinking water 24/7. Fresh-baked bread with homemade
Italian-style lasagna and parmesan cheese to top it off. And then there was
fresh tossed salad: greens, tomatoes, tangerines, black olives, sunflower
seeds, cucumbers, and our choice of dressing. Next came coffee with
chocolate strawberry cake (aka Heaven!).

There were two big tables of satisfied stomachs and laughter in a beautiful
western-style home. Oh, I forgot to mention that the whole time we were
having to wear daypacks with a large heavy rock in it for an object lesson
for spiritual formation class. It ended up being a long night. Lily fell
asleep on my lap (with me sleeping too) on the ride back to La Calandria. 
Here at EVM, we eat very well. I must say the night at the Roberts was
"almost" the best dinner here — don't want to offend the guys for their
Valentines meal they made last month.

Winds Of Change For EVM

A lot has happened in the last two months with planning for the future of
EVM and EduVenture as a whole. In an attempt to keep EVM running and moving
forward in its development as well as to save money for EduVenture overall,
a proposal drafted by Tim, Kathy, Hec, and Jen was given to Scotty and
the board of directors. The decision has been made to only run the fall
semester in an attempt to concentrate our enrollment and efforts. This plan
only pertains to 2007 and will be evaluated again to assess the feasibility
of running future fall semesters. EVM staff will only be on EduVenture
salary for the months of the fall semester. The remaining months of the
year the staff will move on to another location somewhere in Latin America
to assist with another ministry or ministries — working with the poor and
needy. In summary, when not working for EVM, we will be assisting and
enabling a different ministry, trusting the Lord once again to provide and
work out the details.

The long-range plan is to build lasting relationships with the people in
ministries by returning annually to serve and enable the work God is doing
there. EVM has been slowly growing and continues to be refined each
semester as we see God move in the lives of the students.  It is exciting to
us all to move ahead with offering at least another semester. Once again we
anticipate seeing God do some great things. This is a crazy "business"
plan, and even crazier "career" plan, but we feel good about this and see a
lot of potential for this to be a win-win situation for both EVM and other

Staff Position Opening

With this new plan and with the rest of the EVM staff moving on to other
chapters in their lives, we will have a staff opening for the fall semester 
— needing someone to be the cook and buyer for the program. This position
will only be a four-month salary position, renewed each fall semester EVM
operates. This position may be shared with Rancho Huapoca (as a campus host
for Christian retreats/conferences as well as other work) to possibly
provide for year-round employment. We prefer this position be filled by a
bilingual Mexican, but will consider all interested. We are also in need of
a person with a strong background working with horses to continue running
the program that Daphne and Paul have so well developed over these past
years. It would be ideal to find someone who can do all these
responsibilities — finding this person(s) is the problem. We will leave
this EVM position and the other staff openings at our other sites up to the
Lord and people's prayers.

We are grateful for any support you can offer through praying for:

  • direction for the future for EVM staff and the program here;
  • EVM finding a cook/buyer/horse person for next fall;
  • finding a program director and staff for EduVenture Fiji;
  • filling the adventure leader position for EduVenture Papua;
  • Scotty, director of EduVenture, and the board of directors for wisdom with making decisions;
  • continued health — so far it has been the best semester yet — no problems;
  • the Lord's will be done with each of the students;
  • our alumni  — that they may live intentionally for and dependent on Jesus — (though distance separates us, you all continue to be part of the EVM family and are in our thoughts).

"Salsa Picante" is written by Tim Trezise, Site Director for EduVenture
Mexico and Climbing For Christ member, and volunteer student entries. Check out the latest photos of this semester at:
http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/tim_trezise/my_photos. Families and friends of students — please do not send care packages or gifts to the
students.  Letters (many of them) are welcomed, but the bulk of packages
make it difficult for those to fit in everything needed on trips down to
Mexico from Tucson. Thanks for your cooperation.

Please send all mail for staff and students to EduVenture's new location:  5254 E. Holmes St., Tucson, AZ 85711


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