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Mission: Mexico 2007

Salsa Picante

The hot news mix of EduVenture Mexico
Spring 2007 — Jan. 21 Report

All Systems Go!

EduVenture Mexico (EVM) is once again off to a fast start as we plunge into
the spring semester. The first few days here have been cold and constant
rain then turning to snow flurries. After a very thick frost this morning,
the skies have finally cleared and the sun has been beaming all day,
bringing some much welcomed warmth to us all. The students are quickly
becoming proficient at making fires in their hot water heaters and their
wood stoves to heat their dorm rooms. Due to the lack of sun these days we
have not had much solar power for lights. Much of our evening activities
(it gets very dark early here) are in the glow of candles. Last night we
had our first RFN (Really Fun Night — a common occurrence) for the semester,
playing full-contact ping pong and various other more civilized games at
different tables. Much of our time together so far has involved orientation
and scheduling sessions, sharing testimonies and getting to know each other
deeper, and helping the students become familiar with the wilderness that
surrounds them.  Yesterday was the initiation to the "adventure hike" —
three miles that integrates traversing across a steep canyon, jumping rocks
in a stream, climbing a small waterfall, and finishing with the infamous
"cardio-hill." Spiritual formation, Spanish, and Physical
Education/Outdoor Education classes are also in full swing. Monday will be
the first overnight camping experience, coupled with classes on living in
the outdoors.

Meet the Gang

We have another great group of students who are mixing really well and
already developing strong bonds of friendship. Let me introduce them to
you, starting with our two Mexican guys. Here is your opportunity to
practice your Spanish. All you have to say is "¡Mucho gusto!" as you meet
each one.

Ruben Vargus Carrillo is from Chihuahua, Mexico and is taking a break from his studies at the Instituto Technologico de Chihuahua to attend EVM. He is
very active in his church and helps lead worship. He brings a lot of
spiritual maturity and musical ability — playing guitar and sax.  It will be
fun to hear his notes echoing through the hills of La Calandria.

Daniel Ramirez Caro attends Universidad Autonoma de Chihuahua. He also is from the city of Chihuahua and is also very active in his church, playing
drums as part of the worship team, and participating in the youth program. 
"Dani" has a contagious enthusiasm for life that will be a constant source
of joy and energy to our community.

Joy Jupp (our hobbit from the north) comes from near Chicago, and is a
student from Olivet Nazarene University.  She is perhaps our most
extraverted of the group - loving to tell stories, laugh, and be right in
the center of wherever the social energy is. She has a love for rock
climbing, nurtured by a great friend and supporter of EVM — Matt Dominguez. 
I expect Joy to be busy with the 18,000 acre climbing gym here.

Cyndi Rucker, sister of our dear friend David Rucker (an EVM alumnus from
last fall), is from southern California and is also going to school at
Olivet, studying sports management. She is athletic, a people-person, and
looks to be a dominant force at the ping pong table. It is fun to keep the
Rucker legacy alive in Mexico.

Brooke Aili, a sociocultural studies major from Bethel University, is from
Duluth, Minnesota. She has an affinity for collecting rocks of all kinds
and will fit in really well here with Joyellen and Tori, who also love to
collect little treasures from the earth called "pwetty wocks." Brooke loves
the outdoors and brings an easy-going personality to the mix.

Shelby Hayes, from Detroit, is taking a semester away from Houghton College to dive into living simply in the middle of the Mexican outback and growing
in her faith. She is excited about the adventures she will be involved with
as a supplement to her knowledge and skills as an outdoor recreation major. Of course it is always fun to have another student from Houghton — a place dear to half of our staff.

Alicia Podufalski majors in environmental studies at Eastern University. 
She has a strong interest in Latin American culture, sustainable
agriculture, anthropology, and nature. Alicia wants to serve with her faith
by somehow helping the poor and suffering in this world. Oh, I forgot to
also mention, she loves outdoor adventure and is especially looking forward
to being in the saddle and bringing out the cowgirl within. I think she has
picked the perfect place to put all of these pieces together — but, of course,
I am biased.

To get a visual perspective on what has been happening here this first week
of the semester and get to put a face with the names above go to:
http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/tim_trezise/my_photos  then open the photo
album titled "Spring 07."


You can be a key player.  We are searching for people who will partner with
EVM in providing support through prayer. We believe God wants to prepare
the hearts of this next generation through a truly culturally-integrated
educational/discipleship semester which can break down walls of
misunderstanding and lack of respect into a closer realization of what
Christ so deeply desires — unity of the brethren. We are trusting the lives
of us all to be molded by the hands of God. We fully anticipate the Holy
Spirit to move and breathe in this place and transform lives. If you would
like to partner with EduVenture please "devote yourself to prayer"
(Colossians 4:2), praying for:

  • health — it is common that illness affects us each semester;
  • the Lord's will be done with each student listed above;
  • our alumni  — that they may live intentionally for and dependent on Jesus — (though distance separates us, you all continue to be part of the EVM family and are in our thoughts).

Address Change

Our dear friends, the Ashes, are moving back to New York and will no longer
be our home base staff.  We all are sad to see them go, but at the same
time, excited for their future in working with youth in their home area. 
Three cheers for Alex and Becki for a job very well done! Thank you very
much for all you invested in EduVenture.

As a result of the Ashes moving, we will no longer be receiving mail at
their 2870 Pantano St. address. Please send all mail for staff and students
to EduVenture's new location:

5254 E. Holmes St., Tucson, AZ 85711

Note: Families and friends of students — please do not send care packages or gifts to the students. Letters (many of them) are welcomed, but the bulk of packages make it difficult for those to fit in everything needed on trips down to Mexico from Tucson. Thanks for your cooperation.

"Salsa Picante" is written by Tim Trezise, Site Director for EduVenture
Mexico and a member of Climbing For Christ.


Eduventure is a cross-cultural educational program that challenges Christian
college students to grow in active faith through discipleship, academics,
adventure, and community.



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