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Déyé món gen món (mountains beyond mountains). Two boys from Jeantilhome, above, on the desolate trails found in the Chaine de la Selle mountain range in southeastern Haiti. Below, the view from Jeantilhome looking west.

Mountain view

Although Haiti has been deforested, there remains the beauty of God's creation — found along trails and on burned-off mountain slopes in the form of small, colorful flowers.


Mission: Haiti 2007

April Trip Report

By Gary Fallesen

“If this is crazy,” Brian Arnold said as we sat in no-man's land between the borders of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, “I don't want to be sane.”

We were on our way back into Haiti, watching a steady stream of people heading to market on the border. It was the usual insanity. A now familiar sight.

We were on mission. Two weeks before, we'd sat in a coffee shop in Western New York debating whether to go to Haiti. Several team members were suddenly unable to make it to Gentilhomme. Would it be a good use of our time and money to go in spite of this?

We weighed the pros and cons of going. Pros won easily. We went into Haiti against the flow of backed-up traffic — something else we're now accustomed to — with a lengthy to-do list:

1. Continue building relationships.
2. Appraise medical needs.
3. Survey the village and identify water sources and sanitation.
4. Scout Pic la Selle for a future project.
5. Deliver clothing, school supplies, and Creole Bibles.

Mission accomplished.

We learned more about the people and the place than in all the previous trips combined. We met with people who need us and with people we need. We participated in divine moments, such as the baptism of nine new members into the family of Christ and a celebration of the church's first anniversary.

“If I acted crazy, I did it for God,” it says in 2 Corinthians 5:13-14 (The Message). “Christ's love has moved me to such extremes.”

We were moved to go back to Haiti. And we will do so again. There likely will be two more trips to Haiti this year — one in November and the other in December. The Lord has opened many doors for us in Jeantilhome and around this remote mountain village. We are working on a plan of action to do what He has put on our hearts. Among our goals:

  • Help an under-nourished village (especially the school children) find a food program.
  • Set up a health clinic.
  • Bring toilets to Gentilhomme.
  • Bring clean water to Gentilhomme.
  • Continue growing relationships.
  • Deliver more clothing, school supplies, and Creole Bibles.

Read a "Special Report" on Mission: Haiti in the summer issue of The Climbing Way (Volume 8) due out in June. For "Daily Dispatches" from our April trip, CLICK HERE.



Brian Arnold, sitting above, on the day of our return to Jeantilhome. Below, “Arny” helps teacher Mathurin Saenril and students from the school with multiplication outside our tent.

Baptismal prayer

Gary Fallesen, at left above, prays for one of nine people baptized in the river below the village with missionary Miguel Rubén Guante. Below, Gary Fallesen and Brian Arnold pray for Santane, a 7-year-old with a crippled left leg.

Santane prayer

The Word

“So from now on we regard no one from a worldly point of view. .. We are therefore Christ's ambassadors...”
— 2 Corinthians 5:16, 20 (NIV)


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