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Mission: Mexico 2007 

Salsa Picante

The Hot News Mix of EduVenture Mexico
Fall 2007 —Sept. 4 Report

The divine hand of God has brought us another great group of young men and women to study here this semester. The semester has been going very well. The students are well into their Spiritual Formation, Spanish, and Physical Education/Outdoor Education classes. The bulk of the Missions, Community Development, and Cross Cultural Communication classes will be done with visiting professors coming later. There already have been a number of opportunities for the five to explore their new "home" of rich green mountains and countless canyons. Evenings have been panoramic displays of wonder with sunsets of painted storm clouds. We just finished sharing testimonies of all the staff and students over the period of these two weeks. God does great things when His people humble themselves and learn to better understand and love each other. The Lord's peace rests upon this campus and His people here. God is very good!

Fantastic Five!

They may not have super powers, but they have come to be stretched, refined by fire, become rock solid and not be invisible in relation to their faith and love for God. Let me introduce the five students God has brought together at EduVenture Mexico this fall semester:

Scott Shaffer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a theology/English major studying at Eastern University, PA. He loves to dig deep with spiritual and academic issues.

Lizzie Miller, an anthropology/missions major and Spanish minor from Ann Arbor, Michigan, also studies at Eastern University. She has a sweet spirit and a desire to help others.

Abraham Ramirez is from Chihuahua, Mexico. He has finished his schooling
and is a good friend and fellow band member of Dani Ramirez (EVM 8) and has taken some time out from playing bass with his band to study here these next three and a half months. He helps with leading worship in his church and is interested is starting up his own coffee shop business in Juarez in the near future.

Meghan Sarnicki is a psychology major from Northwestern University. She is
a die-hard Lord of the Rings fan who comes from Minnesota. Her smile is a ray of sunshine everywhere she goes.

David Haron just returned from a summer of helping with youth ministry in Costa Rica. He is enjoying using his Spanish skills here and pushing himself physically in his new backyard. He is from the Colorado Springs area and is studying at Columbia International University in South Carolina.

For pictures visit the following website and click on the Fall 07 set of photos.

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