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Chapter Contacts

Dauson Chonjo, Marangu
Tumaini Geofrey, Moshi
Wilson Mosha, Marangua
Frank Sabas, Moshi

Pastor Winford Mosha, spiritual advisor


Kilimanjaro Base Camp
Prayer Climb



Bible study begins

Chapter Bibles studies have begun in the U.S. (specifically Minnesota and Western New York), the Philippines, and in Tanzania. Pastor Winford Mosha met with eight other Marangu members of the Kilimanjaro Chapter on Saturday, Nov. 15 for their first Bible study.

Dauson Chonjo led the study, which focused on Ephesians 6:10 (“emphasizing that they be strong and take all the armor of God,” Pastor Mosha said).

The group agreed to meet every Sunday for Bible lessons and prayer. Additionally, Pastor Mosha said, “Everyone was urged to be a model in his surrounding community or group.“

The chapter also set a goal: “When a guide from the Kilimanjaro Chapter gets work to take tourists to Kili, they should take at least one porter from the Climbing For Christ membership.“ In other words, they should go out in pairs just as Jesus sent out His disciples in the Book of Luke.

The Lord chose 72 other disciples to go ahead to all the places He planned to visit (Luke 10:1). Climbing For Christ has 74 members in the Kilimanjaro Chapter.

Past Events

A new chapter in Tanzania

Pastor Winford Mosha of Lyasongoro Lutheran Church in Marangu reported that the team heading up the new Kilimanjaro Chapter of Climbing For Christ was able to hold its first meeting on Monday, April 14. The chapter's leadership agreed to the goals set by Climbing For Christ president Gary Fallesen:

  • Hold prayer meetings and praise celebrations before and after climbs.
  • Members will participate in ongoing Bible study (coordinated by Pastor Mosha and Climbing For Christ staff).
  • Prayer climb in April (coordinated by Dauson) with other prayer climbs in the future. This event was moved to May to provide pre-climb spiritual training.
  • Recruit Christian guides and porters to become members.
  • Learn to evangelize to the lost and apply what is learned in the mission field with co-workers and trekkers.
  • As part of this, each member will be provided 2 small Bibles (one to keep and one to give away in response to divine appointments). Funds will be raised by Climbing For Christ to purchase Swahili Bibles, which will be distributed by Pastor Mosha and the coordinators.
  • Climbing For Christ will send an annual mission team (including pastors) to encourage and edify Kilimanjaro Chapter leaders and members.

The mission of the Kilimanjaro Chapter is to make disciples of all guides and porters and to share the love of Christ with the tens of thousands of trekkers who visit Kilimanjaro each year. Climbing For Christ will equip the guides and porters in the Kilimanjaro Chapter to do God's work.

This is a ministry, not a trekking company. We are not starting a business in Tanzania. We are about God's work!

The chapter's spiritual advisor pointed to Philippians 4:13, which says: “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.”


Prayer Climb

Preparing the Way

On 1 May, the Marangu group met and agreed to start Bible study and prayer group. From this meeting we also decided to postpone prayer day on the mountain to 12 May. (It was originally scheduled for 5 May.)

On 5 May, the Marangu C4C group plus prayer members from my church and neighboring churches joined us in a special prayer seminar to prepare the group on the mountain prayer. We had about 60 people. A friend of mine from Dar es Salaam conducted the seminar. It was nice and helpful to the group before we go for the prayer expedition.

Dauson Chonjo led a prayer expedition on Kilimanjaro on May 12. A 32-member climbing party ascended via the Marangu route to Mandara Hut and Kifunika, a hill where animists have sacrificed cows and sheep. The goal was to break down altars on the mountain, pray for those practicing this form of evil, and take back the mountain in the name of Jesus Christ. CLICK HERE to read the report and see photos from the event.

— Pastor Winford Mosha

Dauson Chonjo

Dauson Chonjo, a guide from Marangu, right, with Climbing For Christ president Gary Fallesen after the Mission: Kilimanjaro 2008 team was welcomed at Lyasongoro Lutheran Church. (Photo by Miguel Samper)


Frank Sabas and Tumaini Geofrey

Frank Sabas, left, with Tumaini Geofrey, center, and members of the Geofrey family in Moshi. (Photo by Charlotte Crain)


Pastor Mosha

Pastor Winford Mosha with a school child at Lyasongoro Lutheran Church. (Photo by Gary Fallesen)



We addressed 13 guides and 12 porters from three churches at what become the inaugural Kilimanjaro Chapter meeting at Lyasongoro Lutheran Church in Marangu on Saturday, Feb. 23, 2008. Using Acts 1:8, we told them that Kibo was their Judea. They work in a mission field alongside non-Christian guides and porters. They can be a witness to their co-workers. But they also have the ends of the earth coming to climb with them. They can be a witness to all the lost trekkers among the 35,000-plus who come to Kilimanjaro each year.

By the end of the first meeting, we had 33 members in the Kilimanjaro Chapter.

The second meeting of the Kilimanjaro Chapter — held in Moshi on Monday, March 3, 2008 at the Kiborilon Assembly of God Church — saw 39 more guides and porters join Climbing For Christ, giving us 74 in Tanzania.


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