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Prayer Peaks Day

Trip Report: Praying from Colorado to the Philippines

Members in Minnesota and Washington also participate in annual event

By Pastor Derek Fullerton
Founder of Prayer Peaks Day

My wife Karen and I spent almost three hours on the summit of Mount Shavano on Prayer Peaks Day, praying through the prayer chart that I have on the Web site for people — to foster a unity of prayer. We were especially moved to pray through Psalm 85 for the U.S. of A, particularly that God's glory would be over our nation. 

Looking approximately 20 miles to the north of us was Corb and his team on Huron Peak. He's the college pastor at the International Anglican Church that we've been going to for the past 10 months. I spoke with him briefly the next day and it sounded as if they had a rewarding time up there.

There were many others participating in Prayer Peaks Day — from Pastor Stan Busby in northeastern Washington, where he was planning on bringing all eight of his children and his pregnant wife and church family up a mellow peak near their town, to Climbing For Christ chapters in Colorado, Minnesota, and the Philippines.

Some of the trip reports from the 11th annual Prayer Peaks Day:

Cascade Chapter: Colchuck and Dragontail Peaks


By Keith Schultz

The Cascade Chapter of Climbing For Christ joined forces with the East Lake Community Church in Bothell, Wash. to climb two peaks for the Prayer Peaks weekend. The weather was too warm for us to climb Mount Rainier (with freezing levels above 14,000 through the night) so we went to the Enchantments on the east slope of the Cascades. I was blessed with the company of four good brothers and sisters in Christ. One of them was my 12-year-old daughter.


Keith's daughter

On the first day, we hiked up to Colchuck Lake and then up to the top of the moraine at the bottom of the Colchuck Glacier. We climbed the Colchuck Glacier in the morning and dropped our heavy packs at the col. Feeling light and airy, we scampered to the summit of 8,705-foot Colchuck Peak. We prayed for God to be with us and to guide us in our journey there on the mountain and beyond. It was a quick drop back to the packs and lunch at the col.

Now we climbed to another col on the south shoulder of Dragontail. We were between two other climbers. One kicked steps for us all the way up a snow gully for about 800 feet. The other brought up the rear and was happy to have a well-packed staircase. When we reached the top of the col, there was a steep down-climb and a nasty bit of exposure so we set up a rappel. And then set a static line down along the moat for a ways. From the end of the static line we had a short hike to the 8,840-foot summit of Dragontail, where we found EXTREMELY nice bivy sites.


Dragaontail bivy

When we awoke, the sun was breaking over the horizon and reminding us that God had brought us here for a reason. We gathered on the summit of Dragontail and prayed for the world. We asked that God guide the leaders of this world toward peace. We asked that God guide each of us to live on His path. We praised Him for His creation. It was spectacular to be with my brothers and sister in Christ and in such an incredible part of God’s creation!

We slowly packed our gear and headed down. The snowfields were endless and we glissaded for 30 minutes. In some places, we were able to just let go and careen out of control. In other spots, we had to maintain complete control to avoid skidding over rocks. I was sad to have the weekend end. God had brought us together to worship for the entire weekend. We were acquaintances when we started and friends when the weekend ended. And my daughter was amazing!

“WHOOOO HOOOOO!" she kept shouting.

Praise God!

Front Range Chapter: Mount Lady Washington

Mount Lady Washington

By Chris Reidinger

Eight climbers gathered at the Longs Peak trailhead: Tom Adams, Mike Hayes, David Holmberg, Amy Horner, Kayla McMaster, Blake Slyter, John Young, and me. We prayed and headed up the trail. The weather was warm and beautiful with clear skies. We ascended above treeline and noticed the bank of clouds hanging over the foothills and city below. As the day went on, the clouds moved west and would occasionally obscure the mountains. But they would always blow through and the sun would come out. The tundra was greening up, putting on a fabulous wildflower display, and the air smelled so fresh and clean. God’s creation as truly at its finest.

From the Chasm Lake trail junction, we headed directly up the east-facing ridge of Mount Lady Washington. Soon we were into some scrambling over large boulders. The entire ridge was dry and free of snow, and the scrambling provided a fun challenge for all. At about 11 a.m., the entire party had summited. The view of Longs Peak, Mount Meeker, and Chasm Lake below were absolutely stunning. We rested for a few minutes and then gathered to pray. Tom Adams led us in the salt covenant, in which each of us took some salt in our hands and we declared that the land belongs to the Lord. We used the salt in our prayers as a symbol of dedicating the land to the Lord forever (2 Chronicles 13:5), cleansing (2 Kings 2:20-21), and a preservative (Matthew 5:13). I read Psalm 24 and then we poured out the salt on the land. We then prayed for our individual lives and ministries and the unsaved people in our lives and we prayed for our friends that are on mission trips in Argentina and Tanzania. It was a powerful time of prayer, and the highlight of the trip.

Around 12:30 p.m., we left the summit and headed just below the Boulder Field, where we caught the trail and headed over Granite Pass and back down to the trailhead, arriving at approximately 4 p.m. The weather was pleasant and cool with occasional cloudiness and fog, but overall it was a very pleasant and wonderful day. It was truly good to be out in God’s creation enjoying His creation, His presence, and one another.

Minnesota Chapter: Hiking Barn Bluff

By Isaac Will

Three members started hiking and praying over the first letter “p” when it started raining on Barn Bluff in Redwing, Minn. We found a cave that was a short, Class 4 scramble up from the trail, and took shelter there until the rain stopped. We continued to pray in the cave and talked about the significance of seeking shelter — in God. We read some other verses and prayed in the cave for a good hour. I shared some short passages from John Piper's Don't Waste Your Life. We talked about other Biblical people who spent time in caves and how they experienced God. We then hiked to the top, had a quick prayer session and headed down.

C4C Philippines: Mount Manabu

Mount Manabu

By Ace Concordia

There were eight climbers, including myself, who trekked up Mount Manabu in Lipa in the province of Batangas. It was a two-hour bus ride and then two hours of climbing to reach the summit. All went well until the usual thing happened — it rained. We were just at the bottom of the peak when it started to pour. This is not uncommon at this time of the year; we will have mostly wet weather until December. We were a little fearful because of the devastating typhoon that hit our country recently. Three mountaineers climbing Pundaquit were victims of typhoon Frank. As the rains got stronger we decided to seek shelter in the nearest campgrounds before ascending the peak. Having no tents we had to improvise, so we made a makeshift shelter with a huge plastic ground sheet and two trekking poles.

To make the most of our time I decided to start the small Bible study I had prepared about prayer. Our verse was Matthew 6, where Jesus was teaching about prayer. In a nutshell, I shared about how prayer is less a religious matter than it is a relational matter. The deeper a relationship we have with Jesus, the more we appreciate prayer. After the discussions and interactions, we prayed together. I started off and then everyone took turns praying. There were a lot of personal matters that were prayed for, and even from the beginning it was hard not to cry. We were all in tears before it was over. There was so much giving of thanks; being up in the mountains and having struggled up the muddy terrain made us all appreciate the blessings that we have. Many of the climbers prayed for Climbing For Christ, and many were grateful that they have become part of it. I also closed our time of prayer and I prayed for the families of the many victims of the last typhoon.

After praying, we had lunch. Despite the weather it was a hilarious time; everybody had fun and was cracking jokes. When the weather let up a little we decided to make our summit bid. A few minutes later we were standing beside the white concrete cross that is the landmark of the summit of Mount Manabu. Many mountains were visible from the summit, most notably Mount Banahaw. We spent quite a while there, enjoying the view as the weather just got better after the prayer. We descended at about 2 p.m. and were back in Manila by 7 p.m.


Thanks for letting us know about Prayer Peaks Day; it is such a great idea. Actually the climbing group was only half of the original number of people who committed. But what’s important is Prayer Peaks has been pioneered in the Philippines, and we can see it as a major annual event that we know many prayerful mountaineers will want to participate in. We’re making plans already for next year.

Posted July 1, 2008; updated July 3, 2008

What's next?

“The Call in Washington, DC on Saturday, Aug. 16 is what God is doing now!” Pastor Derek Fullerton said after the 11th annual Prayer Peaks Day. Lou Engle, the founder of “The Call,” has sounded the alarm and called Christians nationwide to the Mall for a day of fasting and repentance and crying out to God for mercy. “We're so close to being DOOMED as a nation!” Pastor Derek declared. “Judgment is that close! God is giving us this opportunity and there's HOPE for the biggest awakening in our nation's HIStory!  The unprecedented floods, fires, tornadoes, homosexual ‘marriages’ spreading like wildfire throughout the land ... it's here in the USA!!!”

“Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.” – 2 Chronicles 7:14 (NLT)

“God is good and He's giving us this open window,” Pastor Derek said.

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