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Mission: Haiti 2008 

Hope For Haiti

The St. Paul Lutheran Church in Trenton, Mich. ventured out to discover “God’s Big Backyard” and the wonderful world He created during the week of Aug. 4-8. Along the way students learned about what it means to be a servant of God, and the opportunities we encounter in our family, among our friends and neighbors, in our community and across the world to be His hands and feet.

As part of this VBS experience, St. Paul completed a mission project: “Hope For Haiti.” This project supported Climbing For Christ and the work the Lord is doing through us in the mountain villages of Gentilhomme and Malasi.

St. Paul challenged families to be a part of God’s Big Backyard by rolling up their servant sleeves and supporting Hope For Haiti. The church encouraged people to organize some type of family fundraiser to benefit the children of Haiti. Some fundraiser events completed by 15 families:

  • A lemonade stand
  • Babysitting
  • A bake sale
  • Collecting soda cans around the neighborhood
  • A car wash
  • Garage sale

Ellyanna Kuzma, top, donated $15 that she made by selling lemonade, while Nathan and Matthew Vazquez went door to door collecting soda cans.

Families did so with the knowledge that their money would help support Mission: Haiti in several different ways, including the following:

  • $5 pays for a meal for a family in Haiti, where the average income is less than $2 per day.
  • $10 provides school supplies for the average family of eight.
  • $15 purchases a Creole Bible for a family.
  • $30 buys an arborloo (a toilet that also results in the growth of a tree) in a village where there are no toilets and the mountainside has been deforested.
  • $50 provides an entire village a month of “health insurance,” allowing doctors to care for patients who need to pay only 25 cents for a visit.
  • $100 pays one month’s salary for a teacher at a school where education was once unknown.

Hope For Haiti has raised $725. We thank the families of St. Paul for their service to others, particularly for blessing the people of Haiti with their support.

St. Paul Lutheran Church in Trenton, Mich. is a partner of Climbing For Christ. In exchange for supporting Mission: Haiti with the VBS project “Hope For Haiti,” Climbing For Christ president Gary Fallesen led a prayer walk for St. Paul on Sunday, Aug. 10.

Churches wishing to partner with Climbing For Christ should contact us at info@ClimbingForChrist.org.

Posted Aug. 14, 2008

The Word

“For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.”
Matthew 20:28 and Mark 10:45


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