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Brian Kimble Memorial Scholarship

Brian Kimble, a native of Rochester, N.Y. and a member of Climbing For Christ, was murdered on Dec. 11, 2004. He was 22 years old.

Brian’s passion for Christ and his heart for people lives on in those he touched, and in those who never knew him. Climbing For Christ has been blessed with many donations given in Brian’s memory. It was our desire to honor this brother in Christ. We have established the Brian Kimble Memorial Scholarship, which will benefit and encourage young missionaries going on Evangelic Expeditions with Climbing For Christ.

His family (mother Laurie, father Kevin, and sisters Katie and Holly) remembers Brian this way:

“He loved to connect with people. He was the type of person others wanted to be around because he was always happy, always smiling, and it was contagious. Brian made friends easily and genuinely cared about all people. That is why Brian felt led during high school to join a mission trip to Botswana, Africa. Brian understood that the world was bigger than him, and that he could make a difference in that world by reaching out to other people.

“In a high school essay Brian had to write about himself he used the following words: ‘First and foremost I am a Christian who knows Jesus as my Lord and Savior. This is what shapes who I am and influences all my actions and decisions in life.’

“ ‘As a Christian I have learned the importance of looking beyond myself and reaching out to others. I love to know that in some way, large or small, I have positively impacted someone’s life.’
“Brian absolutely had a large impact on many people’s lives, those close to him and those who live on the other side of the world. An essay Brian wrote when he received a Martin Luther King Jr. scholarship included these words: ‘I also have a dream, my dream is to share the Gospel message with people who have not heard about God’s grace and mercy.  This past summer, I stepped up and took action toward my dream. I went to Botswana, Africa on a missionary trip and had the opportunity to share the Gospel with many people who had not yet heard it.’

“Brian also mentioned that he had to step out of his comfort zone for this trip – he had to raise his own funds, and travel with people he didn’t know to live in another country for a month. Yet when he returned from this trip he was so excited and immediately started thinking about when he could go back. Even before he left for Botswana Brian wrote these words: ‘I cannot think of a better way to spend my summer than sharing the Gospel with people who have never heard it. I expect to see people’s lives changed, and that includes my own.’

“Brian dreamed that he would return to Botswana some day and reach more people. He also had thoughts about using his degree in engineering to help the people of Botswana with basic needs like clean drinking water. Brian truly had a heart for missions, for reaching out to other people, and for sharing with them the Good News about God.”

It is Climbing For Christ’s desire to help other young people fulfill the dream of Brian Kimble – to go and share Jesus with those who otherwise might not learn about our Savior. Members of Evangelic Expedition teams who are high-school or college-age (25 and younger) and show a need for help in raising support will be considered for this scholarship. Awards will be determined by Climbing For Christ. May Brian’s memory be honored and our Lord glorified.

– Gary Fallesen
President, Climbing For Christ

To Apply

If you are high school- or college-age (25 or younger) and going on an Evangelic Expedition with Climbing For Christ, you may apply for the Brian Kimble Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship is intended to assist young members of Climbing For Christ to go on mission trips. Awards generally amount to $250. The award is based on need. To apply, e-mail gfallesen@ClimbingForChrist.org.

Past recipients:

Dan Stewart, high school senior, Hornell, N.Y. – Mission: Nepal 2008.

Kyle Austin, college freshman, Houghton, N.Y. – Mission: Nepal 2009.


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