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Mission: Nepal 2011

Hill country around Dapcha, Nepal.
(Photo by Kyle Austin, Mission: Nepal 2009)

Date: Scheduled Jan. 3-15, 2011.

Purpose: To visit Dapcha, where Climbing For Christ is partnering with nationals to build a local church. We are going to check on the church build (or site for the church if construction has not begun). Other goals: Encourage the local church and trek in central Nepal for outreach and explore how C4C might serve in this region. Please read Pastor Tej Rokka's letter of invitation below.

The church at Dapcha, Nepal.
(Photo by Kyle Austin, Mission: Nepal 2009)

Team size: 4-6 members. CLICK HERE to meet the team.

Cost: Estimated at less than US$1,000. This does not include airfare to/from Katmandu. Costs include transportation, food and accomodations in Nepal.

For more information: CLICK HERE to read a profile on Nepal and the Newar people. If you are interested in serving on this mission, e-mail info@ClimbingForChrist.org to request a mission application or to get more information.

Dispatches: CLICK HERE

Letter of invitation

Pastor Tej, left, with Kyle Austin.

Pastor Tej B. Rokka of the SARA Church on the Rock writes to fellow Climbing For Christ members:

“I invite you all to come to Nepal any time God opens doors for you. Our church is on the mission to preach the Gospel and make disciples to do the same where there is no church and where there is no easy access.

“I am pleased and thankful to God for connecting me with brother Gary and Climbing For Christ through brother Kyle Austin, who used to attend my church while he was in Nepal. Nepal is mountainous country, including all top mountains of the world. A vast majority of people groups live in remote mountains; they are unreached and they have not heard the Gospel. We are focusing on reaching Buddhists, Hindus, and other groups. They are very much religious, but without one true God. They are uneducated, no good health, poor, and moreover lost in their sins. They are crying for hope in the midst of war, fighting, poverty, superstitions, and so many beliefs. Now we have got a little freedom to propagate the Gospel after a long time of closed doors. We have a harvest ready for reaping, but we lack laborers, so we are praying for God to send workers to this field. Who knows, you may be the one whom God has called to be here.

“Therefore, on behalf of SARA Church On the Rock, I warmly invite and welcome you to Nepal. We can together serve God and His people in Dapcha, and other remote villages and cities of Central Nepal. Please pray and make plans to come as I keep you in my prayers. You will have opportunities to serve at orphanage homes, leaders training center, churches, and others. May God give you favor to respond to His call.”

Posted Sept. 27, 2009 / Updated Jan. 2, 2011

The Word

“...aani yes chattan mathi m mero mandali banaunechu, Ra Narak ka dhoka haru yes mathi vijaya hunechainan.”
— Matti 16:18 (Nepali)

“...and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.”
— Matthew 16:18 (NIV)


Helping Hands

We need your help to build a church in Dapcha, Nepal. Pray, give, go!

Land has been purchased (for US$4,100). Financially, here is the estimated cost still needed for the building (in U.S. dollars):

–Church hall $12,000
–Two toilets $1,200
–Other rooms $3,500
–Safety tank $700
–Water tank/tap $500
–Electricity/fans $500
–Carpet/mattresses $400

Total: $18,800

If you can support this effort, send your tax-deductible donation to Climbing For Christ, Inc., c/o Mission: Nepal, P.O. Box 16290, Rochester, NY 14616-0290 USA. Or CLICK HERE and use PayPal (note: PayPal keeps a small service fee). Thank you!


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