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“Please encourage our efforts to spread the Gospel in the hardest part of the world — the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.”

These words came from a pastor who joined Climbing For Christ in 2008.

We hear stories daily about terrorism, bombings, murder, kidnapping, and harassment. Particularly at risk are ambassadors for Christ. “Discrimination affects virtually every aspect of daily life such as education, health, livelihood and housing,” according to Open Doors USA, which adds: “Opening a new church building is almost impossible.”

Open Doors ranks Pakistan among the 50 most persecuted countries on the planet.

The church is wherever two or more gather. “God is really doing a great work in Pakistan,” said our pastor friend, whom we last heard from in 2009. (He has remained in our prayers as we sense he may have been martyred for his faith.)

Climbing For Christ pastor, whose face has been blurred to protect his identity, praying with new believers in Pakistan.

He shared the day in October 2008 when more than 30 people accepted Christ. He baptized many of them publicly in a canal.

“People were sinking in the valley of desperation and (being) illiterate,” he said. “They were living just for themselves, not for God. Just sleeping, eating, and working. But when I share the word of God the Holy Spirit move on them with His heavy authority and break out the bondages of the Satan’s works.”

Fast facts

The mountains of Pakistan, such as K2 (above), are among the world's most rugged and beautiful peaks.

Location: Southern Asia. Leader: President Asif Ali Zardari (since Sept. 9, 2008). The government is a federal republic. Population: 176.2 million, the sixth most populous nation in the world after China, India, USA, Indonesia and Brazil. Just 2.4 percent of the population is Christian. Primary Religion: Islam.

Where in the world?

Pakistan is located in Southern Asia, bordering the Arabian Sea, between India on the east, Iran and Afghanistan on the west, and China on the north. (The World Factbook)

Posted Nov. 17, 2009


For pastors, like our Climbing For Christ member, who must shepherd believers in trying circumstances. We ask for protection for those representing Jesus in a country considered the 13th most persecuted place by the 2009 World Watch List. We have not heard from our pastor friend in some time and pray that he has not been harmed.


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