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Evangelic Expeditions

Mission: Philippines 2010 was many things — from a renewal of an old commitment to a new beginning. Climbing For Christ's first trip in 15 months back to the remote Cordillera mountain village of Tacadang continued a tradition of delivering what could serve the physical needs of the Kankanaey people (school and medical supplies). But it also set the stage for serving spiritual needs. Climbing For Christ Philippines coordinator Ace Concordia, who — along with a team of nine members — brought Bibles to the village, extended an invitation to church leaders to attend a discipleship seminar in June. God touched the hearts of Mission: Philippines team members to reach the hearts of the Kankanaey in Tacadang and Kibungan. He also showed our team many other things.

At the conclusion of this Evangelic Expedition, team members were asked to share their favorite photo from the trip, and explain why they liked it. Here are our photographic reflections on Mission: Philippines 2010...

Rhea Barlao of San Pedro Laguna, Philippines, picked this photo “because it shows how C4C can bring happiness even to a child.”

Jason Elcano of San Pedro Laguna, Philippines, took this photo of teammate Pam Delavin watching the sunset from a hill overlooking Tacadang. “It shows her thinking of home and feeling very far away from home,” Jason said, “but despite these circumstances she continues to serve God.”


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Mission: Philippines 2010


Jhun Hacbang of Las Piñas City, Philippines, said: “Sometimes we do not notice that God is always by our side.” He had this thought after we noticed the reflection of the Climbing For Christ banner in the window as (right to left) Gary Fallesen, Ace Concordia, and Kolbel Acquiapat were meeting with village leaders.

Andrea “AA” Alloro of San Pedro Laguna, Philippines, called this photo, “Dirty hands, pure hearts.” She said: “We sometimes get dirty and imperfect in the eyes of others, but what is important is how God sees us, how He sees our hearts when we are serving Him. Because our God is a God Who does not look at our physical appearance, nor does he look at our mistakes. Just like God said to Peter in Acts 10:15, 'What God has cleansed you must not call unclean.' Let us not mind if we get our hands dirty from our climbs. Let us just focus on our mission...to serve Him and give glory to Him!”

Kolbel Acquiapat of Kibungan, Philippines, was not a member of Climbing For Christ when this Evangelic Expedition began. It was the fourth time he had accompanied us as a representative of the local government. At the conclusion of the mission he joined C4C. We are blessed to have him as a member and ministry partner. Kolbel selected this photo as his favorite “because it shows that you can have fun while still being on a mission trip.”

Melnord De Castro of Cavite Province, Philippines, took this photo showing one of the church leaders of Tacadang (Henry Guilapo from the United Christian Church of the Philippines, in the red T-shirt) joining C4C in prayer. “It shows the sincerity of His prayer by the expression on his face,“ Melnord said.

Pam Delavin of Muntinlupa City, Philippines, picked this photo “because it shows how the children have come to know C4C and are no longer afraid.” Here, the children pose with Ace, right, and Jason.

It's because of the children that Ace Concordia, of Las Piñas, Philippines selected this photo. “The youth are the hope of our nation and I am blessed that as C4C we can help the youth of Tacadang with their needs for a better education,” he said. Here, a youngster happily shows off one of the more than 90 gifts of school supplies delivered to the children. The pouch included notebooks, pencils, a ruler and scissors.

Gary Fallesen of Rochester, N.Y., USA, was reminded again of the beauty of God's creation in this Mountain Province of the Philippines. Here, he was looking down on the school yard, which is dwarfed by one of the many mountains around the village. It's necessary to cross those mountains to reach these people — also beautiful creations by our God.

Posted March 1, 2010

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