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Mission: Haiti 2010

Plan for Haiti 2010-11

By Gary Fallesen
President, Climbing For Christ

Steve Quakenbush treating a woman at a health clinic in Gentilhomme. Our translator Rosie Joseph assists.

“It is good to be in a place where I know God has placed me,” Dr. Steve Quakenbush, a three-time Mission: Haiti participant said after our Evangelic Expedition in March 2010.

This sense of peace and abiding was shared by Steve's teammates.

“I know that God works through each of the specialized trainings, passions and burdens that each person on our team has,” said Pastor Erica Zeiler, another three-time Mission: Haiti participant who worked with pastors and church leaders in our seminary. Erica added that these frequent team visits in support of our fulltime missionary, Miguel Rubén Guante, “show people that we're not just here once and then gone, but that we care to keep returning.”

Josh Carroll, an engineer who has been on three of the eight Climbing For Christ Mission: Haiti teams, was excited that he was “finally able to use my talents in engineering and construction.” On this visit, he installed a pedal-powered water filtration system outside the church at Gentilhomme. God also “gave me the challenge to re-think Gentilhomme water access” as we look ahead to Mission: Haiti 2011 and “Phase 2” of our water project (bringing water up the steep mountainside from a ravine where it flows off the peak) to a more convenient location in the village. This will be done to make clean water more accessible since people living in the mountains of Haiti, who must travel great distances to retrieve water, often drink too little and suffer health problems as a result.

The more that is done (both physically and spiritually) for the people in the Chaine de la Selle mountains, the more there seems yet to do. We are concerned that initiatives made there will go unused. “Will the pump filter be used?” Erica asked, noting that several arborloos we have built are not being utilized and the Seedling Banks (where coffee plants were nurtured) need to be rebuilt for further use.

These things are being addressed in our “Plan for Haiti 2010-11” (see below).

Ultimately, we know God is in control and we are honored to be called to go and serve Him and the people of Haiti.

“I am still in awe and amazement of how God continues to always provide when we are open to His leading,” Steve said. “I praise God for bringing Climbing For Christ into my life. What a joy it is to serve our awesome God and His people.”

Here is how we will continue to do so on Mission: Haiti for the remainder of 2010 and into 2011…


The church at Thoman is the third of four churches to be built by Climbing For Christ.

  1. Finish church at Thoman (April-May).
  2. Start Jimani church, using funding provided by First United Methodist Church in Cañon City, Colo. (June).
  3. Work on Gentilhomme church (built in early 2006) to update and make similar to new church at Malasi, including concrete flooring, new windows, doors, and repainting. Also, rebuild Seedling Bank.
  4. Repair Soliette school when funding becomes available.


The following are “officially” Climbing For Christ churches:

  • Gentilhomme.
  • Jimani, Dominican Republic.
  • Malasi.
  • Thoman.

The following have requested affiliation and are under consideration (all contingent on pastors AND church leaders from each church participating in the monthly seminary, our visits, and prayer):

  • Gentilhomme: Pastor Almando Paul’s church. He has asked for a new church. This is not likely to happen before 2012. We may be able to make repairs on the current structure (built in 1989) and support the ministry of this church.
  • Mingrette: A hike from Thoman; a C4C type of church! We will visit and explore.
  • Bwapin Kouver: Needs to have existing structure finished. This church was left incomplete when the Haitian man funding the build was kidnapped and murdered in 2003.
  • Fond Verrettes: Have asked for “spiritual” support.
  • Gros Cheval.
  • DuBois (near Gentilhomme).
  • Savane Zombi.
  • Deyema Touroch (near Malasi).

Pastor Almando Paul of Gentilhomme inside his 21-year-old church with their one musical instrument — a drum.

Before any of these churches are added to our “official” affiliate list, we must determine long-range budgeting. What will their financial needs be and how will it impact C4C’s budget?

Education and empowerment

As part of our ongoing work with affiliate churches and villages, we must teach SANITATION, NUTRITION and WATER. We do not want the new pedal-powered water filtration unit to go unused or be misused. Climbing For Christ member and Haiti sanitation expert Sarah Brownell will assist us in this process as we provide further instruction about sanitation and implement a program to build arborloos for villagers. This is a 2010-2011 project. We also must teach about nutrition so agricultural improvements will help improve the physical health of the people.

Food Bank

More food assistance may be needed during the spring months (May-June) as farmers were just planting during our short-term team's March visit and now must wait several months for harvest. This should be a supplemental plan (i.e. food they don’t have or can’t get currently). There are bananas growing that must be eaten as well as sold. We will need to wait until the end of April to determine if we have funding for this!

Seedling Bank

The nurseries must be rebuilt in Gentilhomme and Malasi. We must determine what to grow in the Seedling Bank to assist farmers!

Heavy-duty truck

This is NOT budgeted for 2010. It should be a prayer item, asking God to provide the means to purchase a heavy-duty truck in 2011. This would be “God Truck 2.” This has been an ongoing request from Miguel, who said our Malasi church build went overbudget by more than US$400 because of the need to rent a heavy-duty truck more times than anticipated to deliver supplies. Heavy-duty truck rentals accounted for $3,000 of the nearly $11,000 spent to build the church at Malasi

Mission: Haiti 2011

This will likely occur in early January. It will be a two-week Evangelic Expedition. Much planning will go into it. We will be bringing a team that will include C4C members as well as a group from a church in Canada that has expressed an interest in helping with the work the Lord is doing through us.

The tentative plan would include:

  • Worshipping at the new church at Thoman.
  • Hiking to and visiting nearby Mingrette.
  • Possible visits to Fond Verrettes and Bwapin Kouver.
  • Health clinics conducted by Dr. Steve Quakenbush and Lisa Mehle-Glab, water projects supervised by Josh Carroll, and Bible school for students in Malasi and Gentilhomme.
  • We will also conduct the monthly seminary during our visit. This would include a ceremony to recognize pastors and church leaders who have successfully completed the third year of our seminary.

Anyone desiring to serve on this mission should contact us at info@ClimbingForChrist.org and request a mission application.

Posted March 31, 2010

The Word

“In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.”
— Proverbs 16:9 (NIV)

Helping Hands

While others focus on the so-called rebuilding of Haiti (i.e. Port-au-Prince) after the devastating earthquake in January, Climbing For Christ aims to BUILD HAITI. We are building on the Rock of Jesus Christ. “Se sou wóch sa a m'ap bati legliz mwen” (“And on this rock I will build my church” — Matthew 16:18). We spend US$2,700 on monthly support and have a budget of US$70,000+ for 2010.

Can you help your brothers and sisters in Christ who are living in Haiti? Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:40). There are few enduring greater poverty than those in the mountains of Haiti. The average annual income in Haiti is US$400. That's the income of people living in cities and towns, not the villages in the mountains, where people survive on what they grow and raise.

Please send your gift to Climbing For Christ, earmarked “Mission: Haiti.” Mail it to Climbing For Christ, P.O. Box 16290, Rochester, N.Y. 14616-0290 USA. Or CLICK HERE and donate using PayPal. Thank you for supporting God's work through us in Haiti. We are His hands and His feet. We bring Him the glory!


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