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Tony Johnston, coordinator
Western Sydney, Australia


C4C Australia

The start of a new chapter

Climbing For Christ Australia joins JEJAK (Indonesia), Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), C4C Philippines and C4C DR (Dominican Republic) as our fifth international body. Tony Johnston, 41 at the time of C4C Australia's formation, has been named coordinator of this new chapter. For him and for his Australian brothers and sisters in Christ, it is the start of a new adventure. We look forward to praying and serving with C4C Australia and seeing where God takes this new branch of Climbing For Christ's international ministry.

The inaugural meeting was held Friday, May 21 in Western Sydney. Only Tony and his wife, Leanne, attended. But Tony is not deterred. The next event is Saturday, June 19 — a walk with a men's ministry called Men In Action.

“As to our first meeting, it was only Leanne and myself that attended, but we have come up with a few ideas on how to promote C4C Australia,” Tony shared. “There is an annual Clean Up Australia Day, which I felt would be a great thing for C4C Oz to be involved with next year.

“We are hoping to do events on a monthly basis: dinners, bbqs, walks, indoor climbing or camping. As the Lord leads people to become active members we will then be looking at doing Bible studies as well. Member meetings will be also on a monthly basis, where we would discuss upcoming events and how C4C Oz is going.”

While a local mission is not yet determined, Tony said a “Summit Stewards” idea is in the works. “We will be adopting an area that needs cleaning and make that our first mission field to look after God's creation.”

Coordinator Profile: Meet Tony Johnston

The Johnston family at Martin's Lookout.

Date of birth: Oct. 19, 1969. Residence: Quakers Hill, Australia. Personal: Married to Leanne and father of three boys (Tim, 5; Joel, 3, and Malachi, 16 months). Occupation: I am blessed to be a stay-at-home dad. Church: Lighthouse Community Church, Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT.

How long have you climbed? I started climbing at an indoor gym in the ACT back in 1995. I haven't been climbing in a number of years.

Type of climbing you do: So far I have only climbed on rock, not much else here in Australia. Would really love to do some Alpine climbing one day.

Highlight of climbing career: Doing my first lead on a face at Mount Piddington in the Blue Mountains.

How long have you been a Christian? I became a Christian on Nov. 18, 2001.

Type of ministry you are blessed to serve in: I have been blessed to have experience in a range of ministries since becoming a Christian — ushering at Hillsong Church, cell group leader with Leanne, and kids church at Lighthouse Community with Leanne. I look forward to seeing what amazing things God will do here in Australia with Climbing For Christ.

Favorite Scripture verse (and why): “Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous deeds among all peoples. For great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; He is to be feared above all gods.” 1 Chronicles 16:24-25. What these two verses mean to me is that wherever we go as followers of Christ we should always be ready to speak of GOD and no matter where we are that we shouldn't fear someone's gods because the Lord God is the only One to be feared.

Special “God moment” you'd like to share: At the time I wasn't aware that it was a God moment. I had been on a three-day walk by myself from Katoomba to Jenolan Caves, a 42-kilometer hike. I wasn't a Christian at this point. It was the last day of the walk and I was having some breakfast before heading into Jenolan Caves. As I was sitting there a feeling came over me that there was more to life than what I was doing. During this moment I actually noticed the beauty of the bush around me, it seemed to become more alive. When I got home I started to search for an answer to the feeling I had, and the search eventually led me into a church for the first time and it was the day that I gave my heart to the Lord.

What does Climbing For Christ mean to you? The chance to be a part of team that truly goes to the ends of the earth to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, either by going on a mission trip or by being part of the prayer team.

Posted April 28, 2010

Coming up

A walk with a local men's ministry — called Men In Action — on Saturday, June 19.


C4C Australia began (as these things often do) with a simple email. Tony Johnston wondered if there was a Climbing For Christ chapter in Australia and, if not, “how is one set up?” We were glad he asked. That was on April 12, 2010. After a series of emails and “much prayer,” Tony decided on April 26 that he wanted to help start C4C Australia.


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