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Puya Raimondi

Puya Raimondi, also known as “Queen of the Andes,” is a plant unique to Peru and Bolivia, found at an altitude of 3,200-4,800 meters.


Day 1 (Monday, May 9 – Travel to Los Angeles. Team training.
Day 2 (Tuesday, May 10) – Travel to Peru.
Day 3 (Wednesday, May 11) – Arrive Lima, Peru. Travel to Huaraz.
Day 4 (Thursday, May 12) – Travel from Huaraz to Churup Mountain and Lagoon. Return to Huaraz.
Day 5 (Friday, May 13) – Travel from Huaraz to Mancos to dedicate land for C4C Peru, and visit Musho.
Day 6 (Saturday, May 14) – In Musho, explore villages to do Christ’s work. Possible worship in local church.
Day 7 (Sunday, May 15) – In Mucho until noon and then start to Yanama District, arriving after visiting local church.
Day 8 (Monday, May 16) – In Yanama, exploring villages to do Christ’s work all day and possible visits to Christian farmers or non-believers to win them for the Lord.
Day 9 (Tuesday, May 17) – In Yanama villages and/or short climb or trek. Return to Huaraz.
Day 10 (Wednesday, May 18) – In Huaraz, time to rest, pray, make future plans to C4C Peru.
Day 11 (Thursday, May 19) – Travel from Huaraz to Lima. Evening flight.
Day 12 (Friday, May 20) – Arrive at homes.


Mission: Peru 2011

Date: May 9-20, 2011.

Purpose: Visit the central highlands (above 3,050 meters/10,000 feet), surveying how God would have us serve the people in the north-central part of the country. Encourage Christian farmers and deliver the Gospel to non-Christians living near Huascaran National Park, where the highest mountain in Peru (6,768-meter/22,205-foot Huascaran) is located.

Team size: 4-7 members.

Cost: Estimated at US$1,500. Price does NOT include travel to/from Lima, Peru, but does include all in-country expenses (such as ground transportation, lodging and food).

Apply: E-mail info@ClimbingForChrist.org for a mission application.



The North Face of Huascaran in the spectacular Cordillera Blanca range.

Climbing For Christ's missionary to Peru, Jaime Servat, was asked to pray about where God wanted us to go in his South American country in 2011. “We have many places,” Jaime answered, “but God put in my heart, first, go to the Churup Mountain and Lagoon Area (4,450 meters/14,600 feet). It would take a day to hike to acclimatize, doing outreach to people.” The trek would begin in a Llupa (at 3,650 meters/11,975 feet). “We have two different farmer churches there,” Jaime said.

“Second, we go to the Mancos town and I'll show you my land. It is placed at the side of the highway and we can stand there to see the front of the great Huascaran Mountain. After, we go to the Musho village, which is the route to make a trek or climb to Huascaran Mountain. Here, we have two different churches and there are possible projects to win a new people to Christ through the mountains from Musho.
“Third, we go to the Yanama District (3,375 meters/11,073 feet) in the Yungay Province of Ancash to the villages to minister to pastors living in poverty and win souls around the place. We have around there the Ulta, Pucarraju and Matarraju mountains. We could trek there, depending on our choice.”
Or, more accurately, depending on the Lord's leading.

Are you hearing Him call you to be a part of Climbing For Christ's first mission team to Peru?

Posted Nov. 16, 2010

The Word

“For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.”
— Matthew 12:50 (NIV)


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