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Mission: Haiti 2011

Mission Moments (Jan.-June)

Sharing news from the mission field...

By Gary Fallesen
President, Climbing For Christ

Photos by Miguel Rubén Guante unless otherwise noted

CLICK HERE for Mission Moments from July through December 2011.

Saturday, June 25

The lesson for this month's seminary — held again in Thoman and attended by only 16 pastors and church leaders — was “What does it mean to become a Christian?” Missionary Miguel Rubén Guante taught about God's call to us, and how we receive it and respond to it. “Those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also glorified,” Miguel quoted Romans 8:30(b).

Pastors working in a group on questions about God's call.

Attendance was low, in part, because it is the rainy season and many farms are in need of extra help. The pastors were not able to leave their villages.

Even before the rainy season began it was a wetter-than-normal spring. The road from the Dominican Republic into Haiti at Jimani has been flooded out for weeks. It was just cleared this past week so Miguel could cross the border to teach the seminary. Last month, he was unable to travel because of conditions and turned over the teaching to Thoman church leader Milus Jesilus (in bottom photo below).

May seminary.

Monday, June 6

Anika Fischer with (left to right) teacher Patricia Bertucci, Jordyn Keeley, Meaghan Trevor, and principal Martin Swenson at Seton Catholic School in Brighton, N.Y.

Anika Fischer wanted to help Haiti and asked her father if he knew of anyone who was working there. Marc Fischer knew about Climbing For Christ and told his fourth-grade daughter about the work God was doing through us in Haiti.

Anika and her friends, Jordyn Keeley and Meaghan Trevor, decided to raise money to help Mission: Haiti. They started the Bracelet Fun Club at their school, Seton Catholic in suburban Rochester, N.Y., USA. Twice a month after school they supplied materials to interested students to make bracelets. They charged each student who participated $1 and then they sold the finished product at the school’s Open House during Catholic Schools Week.

On Tuesday, May 31, Anika, Jordyn, Meaghan, Seton Catholic teacher and Bracelet Fun Club chaperone Patricia Bertucci, and principal Martin Swenson presented a check for $250 to Climbing For Christ. Our thanks to them for helping us help Haiti!

Saturday, May 28

Climbing For Christ is renewing its focus on serving the vast spiritual needs in Haiti with a greater emphasis being placed on spiritual education. This begins with our monthly seminary.

This month's teaching was again on the Bible — Who wrote it and when. But as missionary Miguel Rubén Guante was preparing to deliver the teaching to our group of pastors and church leaders meeting in Thoman, we received news that the border crossing was again flooded. Bad weather threatened to cancel our training.

“The lake and the road are one,” Miguel said, describing the impassable crossing. He was unable to drive the God truck from the Dominican border town of Jimani, where he lives, into Haiti.

But this did not deter us. Miguel contacted Milus Jesilus, the Thoman church leader who has served with us (helping the teachers in Haiti) and whose mother Carmen God used us to rescue. Milus walked to the border to get the seminary teaching from Miguel and on Friday he taught 21 people in Thoman.

“The low (attendance) was because of the river,” Miguel said, referring to the riverbed, which is normally dry this time of the year, and serves as a “road” for travel out of the mountains. “(Friday) it come down with much water.”

Still, 21 pastors and church leaders were able to hear the Word and learn more about the Bible that God breathed through men.

Milus outside his home (with two of his children) in February during Mission: Haiti 2011. (Photo by Jordan Rowley)

This was all part of God's plan as earlier in the week, C4C had decided to ask Milus to assist Miguel in the work God is doing through us in Haiti. Before we could even make this request, he stepped forward to help with the seminary. Praise the Lord!

Monday, May 2

We have chronicled how the Lord rescued Carmen Jesilus from the clutches of death in the mountain village of Maingrette. [See “Moments” below.] But God did not save Carmen alone. He has used this rescue of a woman with a large, hideous tumor growing out of her mouth to give life to many others.

Fifteen people have joined the church at Thoman as new believers in Christ Jesus.

“The new face of Carmen,” said our Haitian missionary, Miguel Rubén Guante, referring to the removal of the tumor on March 7, “(has brought) five families of Thoman to Jesus.”

The 15 new believers attended worship at the church at Thoman on Sunday (photo above). Miguel preached to a gathering of about 80 brothers and sisters, using Matthew 11:28 as the main verse of his teaching. “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

The message was “a call to the unbelievers” to obey God and rest in His promises, Miguel said.

He pointed to the man with the shriveled hand (Matthew 12:9-13), the bleeding woman (Matthew 9:20), and the raising of the dead son of the widow at Zarephath (1 Kings 17:17-24). These are examples of people who sought God’s healing hand.

God healed Carmen and has offered life to many others. For this we give Him praise. We are humbled that He chose to use us in this rescue operation, which is to His glory.

“… let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” — Matthew 5:16 (NIV)

Monday, April 25

Fertilizer purchased in Croix des Bouquex, a city near Port-au-Prince, to be delivered to farmers in Malasi.

In what is an all-too-typical story on the island of Hispaniola, the businessman from whom missionary Miguel Rubén Guante used to buy fertilizer has stopped selling it. The businessman told Miguel it was too expensive so he is no longer selling it. Miguel spent several days locating another place to buy the fertilizer, which, of course, cost more. The price went up from US$15 to US$19.62 per bag. “We thank God for after we run up and down, we found a little business where we could get some bags of fertilizer,” Miguel said.

Everything costs more in Haiti all the time. Except salvation, which is freely offered to the millions there who still walk in darkness as slaves to voodoo and the prince of this world.

Resurrection Sunday

“For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.”
— Philippians 1:21 (NIV)

Missionary Miguel Rubén Guante based his Easter message for the church at Malasi (photos above and below) on that verse. He talked about Paul and how he declared he would live like Jesus. “I let them understand (that) we know they need, but over that (they need) Jesus, as Saul (who became Paul) said. We must keep our eye on Jesus.”

Tuesday, April 19

“The rainy season is giving much water,” missionary Miguel reported. “That may mean a good harvest season. We wait for God to send seeds and sufficient rain, no more than what the farmers need.”

God has provided through Climbing For Christ members and friends — 10 donors in all — US$1,845.25 since our Haiti appeal was made on April 6. Only a small part of that amount was for the Seedling Bank program, which supplies seed and fertilizer to scores of farmers. We remain far short of our need of US$10,378 to cover February, March and April support.

“As it is raining it is time to spray (plants),” said Miguel, who will hand deliver fertilizer and recently donated salaries for the teachers in Malasi this weekend. He may celebrate Resurrection Sunday in Malasi.

“It is time to think about the sacrifice of our Christ for us,” Miguel said.

Saturday, April 9

Sowing corn and preparing to plant beans on the hillsides in the mountain village of Malasi.

On Thursday, missionary Miguel Rubén Guante said: “From last week Pastor Vilcuis (of the church at Malasi) is calling me for fertilizer and seeds because it is raining now.”

Because of funding shortages we are scrambling to see what can be arranged. Miguel, who visited Malasi today, said US$1,500 would be needed for fertilizer and bean seeds.

CLICK HERE to read about our financial appeal for Haiti. We began this appeal on Wednesday in need of US$10,378 to cover February, March and April support. This does not include Seedling Bank contributions.

We were able to wire US$1,055 early in the week to pay our eight teachers' salaries for February. Miguel paid some of the teachers on Wednesday. “The teachers are very happy,” he said. He delivered payments and encouragement to the teachers in Malasi on Friday.



Monday, March 28

Missionary Miguel Rubén Guante's brother, Allert, died on Monday, March 21 after having been ill for the past two years. On Sunday, March 27, Miguel buried his brother in Haiti.

Climbing For Christ offered prayers and sympathy to Miguel and his family, and provided US$1,000 for the funeral.

When asked today how he and his family were doing, Miguel said: “We are well because all of them are in Jesus, so they knew that God is and God will. But we are in transition here. We may turn our happy into sad when we lose some friend or families, but in our heart it is true that with our cry and sadness we can't change God's wish. He is right.”


Tuesday, March 22

Carmen at the Dominican-Haiti border with her son Milus on their way home. She has returned to Thoman, healed of the terrible growth in her mouth by God.

Tuesday, March 15

After about three weeks since she arrived at the hospital, and just over one week since her surgery, missionary Miguel Ruben Guante e-mailed today to say, “The doctor just called me to tell Carmen will go home today and her cancer [is] not bad.”

We praise God for this wonderful news! We rejoice with Carmen for all that the Lord has done in her life and give thanks to all those who have prayed to our Great Physician for her healing.

Carmen is excited to return to her village, Thoman, not only to enjoy the comforts of her home, but to tell her neighbors about the miracle that her Lord has done in her life!

“... Go home to your friends, and tell them what great things the Lord has done for you, and how He has had compassion on you.”
— Mark 5:19

Tuesday, March 8

The doctor sent the removed part of the huge growth taken from Carmen's mouth for a biopsie. That will take about four days, according to missionary Miguel Ruben Guante.

“The doctors told me they may send her home next week,” Miguel said.She is despairing to go home to show the people what God may do. She wants to eat and eat, but the doctor don't want she eat too much.
“Our hope now is waiting to see if God want to change the bad cancer for good as He did with Naaman's leprosy in 2 Kings 5:13-14. I hope so and I would like to get everyone to believe that. The power of God is unlimited.”

Monday, March 7

The new face of Carmen, post-op.

Monday, March 7

“Praise the Lord!” missionary Miguel Rubén Guante declared before 11 a.m. “Carmen is operated on safely.”

Miguel spoke with the surgeon, who told him the operation went “very well.” He said they removed “a good part” (large part) of the growth. “They hope it could be good for her,” Miguel said.

That is our prayer.

Monday, March 7

“Praise the Lord for Carmen,” missionary Miguel reported at 8 a.m.. “She is under surgery now.”

Friday, March 4

Carmen waiting for surgery.

Missionary Miguel visited Carmen at the Hospital Universitario in Santo Domingo. He reports that the doctors now say her surgery will be Monday.

Miguel thanked those who have been helping Carmen for us. Dr. Hector Sorrilla, the coordinator of the group that is addressing Carmen's illness, said anyone who “doesn't serve his brother and sister doesn't have any reason to live.”

As Jesus said said in Matthew 25:45, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.”

Thursday, March 3

Carman is “stable” for surgery. “The surgery will be tomorrow morning,” missionary Miguel announced.

This is an answer to prayer. We continue to lift the healing of Carmen.

Miguel said that the pastors and church leaders attending Wednesday's monthly seminary in Thoman also prayed for Carmen. “They made a good prayer for Carmen, asking for a miracle for her because when the doctors can't, He is the solution.”


Monte Pou Kris seminary

Wednesday, March 2

Pastors in groups for discussion during seminary.

The Monte Pou Kris (Climbing For Christ) monthly seminary was attended by 29 pastors and church leaders at the church in Thoman. The subject was the second part of how the bible was written. The first part of this teaching occurred during Mission: Nepal 2011 in February.

Missionary Miguel Ruben Guante provided instruction about when the Bible was written materials used, the division of the Bible (the books, chapters and verses). He discussed the Old Testament and New Testament.

Wednesday, March 2

Carmen's surgery was postponed today and is tentatively scheduled for Friday.

Missionary Miguel was traveling from Tiotte, Haiti, where his family is from, to Thoman for Climbing For Christ's monthly seminary. He spoke to Carmen's son, Milus, by phone at 6 a.m. and learned of the decision made by doctors in the Santo Domingo, DR hospital. Carmen has been diagnosed diabetic and is being treated for that in preparation for surgery.

Monday, Feb. 28

Missionary Miguel needed to return to his home in the Dominican border town of Jimani to prepare for Monte Pou Kris's monthly seminary on Wednesday in Thoman. Miguel spoke by phone with Carmen's son, Milus, a Thoman church leader, who stayed at the hospital with his mother. “She is well with a very good appetite to eat,” Miguel said.

Doctors at the hospital in Santo Domingo have informed us that “if the cancer is bad, they cannot make the surgery,” Miguel said. “But they will gather all the analysis and every test to find the best result to guide them to make a decision.”

We pray for God's wisdom and healing hand on this situation.

Sunday, Feb. 27

Surgery for Carmen is scheduled for Wednesday!

“The last news about Carmen is she feel well waiting for surgery,” missionary Miguel said.

The latest news on giving for the “Rescuing Carmen” fund: US$2,435. Praise Him!

Saturday, Feb. 26

Carmen resting in the hospital today.

When asked how Carmen was doing today, missionary Miguel said: “She feel well and she know that (God is using us to try to help her).” We are waiting for doctors to determine when and how to operate. God is in control. 

Friday, Feb. 25

Carmen is still in the hospital, awaiting surgery. “I don't know when that will be done,” said missionary Miguel, who is also still looking for someone to care for her while she is in the hospital in Santo Domingo. Food is not provided in hospitals in Hispaniola; it must be delivered by family or friends. When God used Climbing For Christ to save Gilbert Lendor in 2007, we hired three women to help from late August to mid-October. Missionary Miguel lives six hours from Santo Domingo in the Dominican border town of Jimani.

As with most things, a caretaker (or takers) will cost money. We have been blessed through Friday to have received donations of US$1,135 for the “Rescuing Carmen” operation and funds are being wired to Miguel in the Dominican Republic.

Thursday, Feb. 24

Missionary Miguel Rubén Guante visited Carmen in the hospital in Santo Domingo, DR this afternoon and passed along our ministry thanks to the doctors who are examining her. He discussed with them what might happen in the days (and possibly weeks) ahead. “They agree that it is a long diagnosis,” Miguel said, “but they said they must cut (the growth) and analyze it.”

Many Climbing For Christ members have sent their prayers for Carmen. Some have shared her photo with medical specialists that they know, many of whom agree it appears to be some sort of cancerous growth.

Miguel expressed his concern for what may happen, especially the financial burden it could place on the ministry. “If it is so, if her cancer is bad, what will occur?” he wondered.

“We have intentions,” he concluded, “but God have the decision.”

We put it in His caring hands, trusting in Him for all things. To date, members and friends of C4C have donated US$785 to the “Rescuing Carmen” fund. Please consider giving and, by all means, keep Carmen in your prayers.

“Then Jesus said, 'Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?' ”
— John 11:40 (NIV)

Wednesday, Feb. 23

Missionary Miguel reached the hospital in Santo Domingo with Carmen at 6:30 p.m. “She is under care now,” he said 10 minutes later.

“Many doctors taking care of Carmen,” Miguel wrote in an e-mail with this photo at 6:45 p.m.

“They are testing to put her under surgery,” Miguel reported at 7 p.m. “Many questions, many tests. Now they will make an analysis. They are thinking it maybe a bad cancer.”

At 10 p.m., Miguel reported: “She will be here for some days under test and analysis.”

Support will be needed to pay for hospitalization, food, testing and whatever surgery is deemed appropriate by doctors. Please keep Carmen in your prayers.

Wednesday, Feb. 23

Missionary Miguel has crossed the border with Thoman church leader Milus Jesilus and his mother Carmen as our rescue operation is underway to save the life of this woman. The group cleared Haitian immigration at about 11:45 a.m. and Dominican immigration at about 1:30 p.m.

Miguel is planning to take Carmen to Santo Domingo, DR to a hospital as the next step in this journey. Getting her across the border brings a huge praise to our God, who is protecting Carmen and has gone before her to make a way for her.

Since sending out a “Rescuing Carmen” appeal to members and supporters late Monday night, we have received US$365. Thanking God for His provision and for sending us all that we will need in the days and weeks ahead.

Monday, Feb. 21

From the Mission: Haiti 2011 Dispatches (Wednesday, Feb. 2): We stopped in Thoman to have Dr. Steve look at the mother of one of our church leaders there. She has a hideous tumor growing out of her mouth. In 1½ months it has grown to the size of a grapefruit. She is unable to eat, although she said there is no pain. Steve said he’d never seen anything like it. We immediately began making plans to get her to a hospital in Santo Domingo where, prayerfully, it can be removed. Please lift this in prayer to our Great Physician.

Arrangements were finalized on Thursday, Feb. 16 for missionary Miguel Rubén Guante to take Carmen to a hospital in Santo Domingo. Carmen is the mother of Milus Jesilus, a Thoman church leader and Climbing For Christ’s teacher supervisor. But on the same day, the Dominican-Haiti border at Jimani, DR was shut down when a fight between Dominicans and Haitians broke out at the international market located in “no-man's land” between the two countries. Two Haitians were killed.

The border has been reopened and Climbing For Christ is working to rescue Carmen. This will require some financial assistance. Can you help C4C aid a woman who has been surviving on a liquid diet while something seemingly other-worldly grows in her mouth?

Send your financial gift to Climbing For Christ, c/o “Rescuing Carmen,” P.O. Box 16290, Rochester, NY 14616-0290 USA. Or CLICK HERE and give via PayPal.

This is one example of the many ways God uses us to serve the physical and spiritual needs of people living in remote mountainous areas around the world. To God alone be the glory!

Note: We have posted a photo of Carmen on our Web site. CLICK HERE to visit the page. Warning: The photo is graphic in nature, showing the growth in a candid.

Tuesday, Jan. 18

Charges were filed against Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier and the former Haitian dictator was taken into custody at a Port-au-Prince hotel and transported to a downtown courthouse for a hearing on Tuesday. It was not immediately clear what the charges were and Duvalier was allowed to return to his hotel. A judge will have 30 days to investigate and decide whether the accusations merit moving forward with a case against Duvalier.

Tuesday, Jan. 18

“Baby Doc,” the ruthless dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier, returned to Haiti on Sunday after 25 years in exile. The move was a surprise to most and remains a mystery as to why he came back — or if he should have even been allowed.

“Please keep your eye on the news of Haiti,” said our missionary, Miguel Rubén Guante. “The arrival of Duvalier in Port-au-Prince will cause a very big disturbance in Haiti. Just now I'm hearing many comments about that. Right now, when Haiti have a lot of problems, that is not the moment for Duvalier to arrive in Haiti under the purpose to help. Can we ask: how much money he sent after the earthquake? Why he don't return in January 2010? I cannot understand the game of the international community with Haiti.”

Baby Doc succeeded his father Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier, who ruled Haiti from 1957 until his death in 1971. Baby Doc began his rule of Haiti when he was 19. He was in power for 15 years before a revolt forced him to flee  the country. Duvalier is accused of killing and torturing thousands and causing hundreds of thousands to flee the country by the group Human Rights Watch. An adviser for Amnesty International also said Baby Doc should be tried for crimes against humanity.

His return comes when a presidential election between former First Lady Mirlande Manigat and pop singer Michel Martelly is pending. Manigat won a preliminary election in early December 2010 with 31.4 percent of the vote. Outgoing president Rene Preval's handpicked successor, Jude Celestin, allegedly finished second with 22.3 percent of the vote, while Martelly was third with 21.8 percent. However, a review of results by an Organization of American States monitoring states confirmed that Martelly was second with 22.2 percent to Celestin's 21.9 percent of the vote.

Wednesday, Jan. 12

A year ago, a devastating earthquake struck near Port-au-Prince, killing more than 235,000 people. While many have helped (and enormous amounts of money have been donated), little has changed in the daily struggle of Haitians.

Tuesday, Jan. 11

Our school re-opens for Haitian students after CHRISTmas recess in the Dominican border town of Jimani.

The Word

“The Haitian have faith (when) everything is well,” missionary Miguel Rubén Guante said. “When the dificulty comes, they are less than faithful.”

“Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray. Is anyone happy? Let them sing songs of praise.”
— James 5:13 (NIV)

Helping Hands

To support God’s work in Haiti, send your donation to Climbing For Christ, P.O. Box 16290, Rochester, NY 14616-0290 USA or CLICK HERE and give via PayPal.

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