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Mission: Peru

Mission Moments


Working soul to soul in His vineyard (Thursday, Oct. 4)

Jaime Servat leaving Carhuapara on the way to Chilcabamba village.

From Sept. 10-24, 2012, Climbing For Christ’s missionary to Peru, Jaime Servat, returned to the remote villages of Chalhua, Chilcabamba and their surrounding areas to minister. We give God praise for this dear brother and the work that the LORD is accomplishing through him in the mountains of Peru.

CLICK HERE for Jaime's edited report of ministry in Chalhua, Chilcabamba and the surrounding areas.

Returning to the scene of the mission (Sunday, Sept. 16)

View from village of Ranraucro. (Photo by Jaime Servat)

Throughout much of the month of August, Climbing For Christ missionary to Peru Jamie Servat ministered in the remote mountains of the Cordillera Negra and Cordillera Blanca ranges of the Peruvian Andes. He spent a great deal of time returning to several of the villages that were visited during Mission: Peru 2012, which took place from July 16-28.

CLICK HERE  for Jaime's edited  report from the fields of Peru.


Last survey of the season (Tuesday, Nov. 1)

“I ended the missionary exploration trips as it is difficult in the winter season,” missionary Jaime Servat said. “It is so hard to get ways to the villages with a lot of mud and landslides, which complicates every route in the highlands.”

Jaime made two survey trips in October before the seasons changed. His latest was fraught with illness.

CLICK HERE to read about the Oct. 21-29 trip as well as the previous survey in the Cordillera Negra on Oct. 16-17 with Climbing For Christ's sponsored climber Edwin Milla.

Survey says harvest is plentiful in Peru (Tuesday, Oct. 4)


Jaime trekking

Jaime trekking into Yacuywarmi, Peru.

Jaime Servat, Climbing For Christ’s missionary to Peru, was preparing for another survey mission — this time with our sponsored climber Edwin Milla. The pair will be going into villages in the Cordillera Negra range opposite the Cordillera Blanca Oct. 10-13.

In September, Servat said God “showed me His love and the trails to understand better His grace and mercy through His mountains in the Ancash provinces” during his September survey mission. “Praise God because He is All in All.”

CLICK HERE for the edited excerpts from Jaime’s detailed report of his Sept. 19-27 mission.

God again shows us the need (Wednesday, Sept. 14)

Climbing For Christ's missionary to Peru, Jaime Servat, received a phone call from Alison on Monday, Sept. 12. “She told me that she is going to Lima with her grandmother Teresa to see her mother Taina because she (Taina) is sick again,” Jaime said.

Alison, the little girl our Mission: Peru 2011 team met in the mountain village of Chalhua in May, was traveling to Huaraz by bus with her grandmother on Tuesday, Sept. 13. Jaime was planning to meet them and pray for Taina before Alison and Teresa took another bus for a full day to Lima.

Taina has been separated from Alison for three years because of a severe case of epilepsy. “Please pray for her mother,” Jaime asked. “I am praying so much and God will do His healing.”

Jaime has seen his share of healing and the miracles God performs today, including many lost souls to Him. In August, he spent most of the month traveling through villages in the Cordillera Blanca to share Jesus Christ with many who did not know him as Lord and Savior. CLICK HERE for the August survey report.

'Oh, my God, there is so much work to do' (Thursday, July 27)

Jaime, left, with Alison and Pastor Isabel in Chalhua.

Jaime Servat, Climbing For Christ’s missionary to Peru, returned to Chalhua for the first time since our Mission: Peru 2011 team was in the Cordillera Blanca range in May. He visited our dear little sister Alison, the girl whom our team met and fell in love with, and also saw Pastor Isabel. After this visit, he continued on to explore and survey many other villages.

CLICK HERE to read Jaime's extensive trip report.

Summits and a Savior for climbing clients (Saturday, July 23)

Edwin Milla of C4C, left, and his client on the summit of Huascaran.

Edwin Milla guided a 70-year-old Japanese client to the summit of Nevado Huascaran on Saturday, July 16 despite challenging conditions. Huascaran is the highest mountain in Peru at 22,205 feet (6,768 meters).

On July 16, Edwin texted Climbing For Christ's home office in the United States. He asked for prayers because he was on a “very danger(ous) mountain and (in) very bad weather.” Prayers were answered. “Thank God everything (went) right,” Edwin said after completing the climb.

“We had very bad weather on the summit,” said Edwin, who is sponsored by Climbing For Christ and serves as the co-coordinator of C4C Peru. “I think this was a purpose of God because the Japanese (climber) accepted Jesus as his Savior. After the descent the weather was good.”

Camp 2 on snowy Huascaran.

Following the Huascaran ascent, Edwin guided two Frenchmen up Tocllaraju (19,790 feet/6,032 meters), which is one of the 25 6,000-meter peaks (19,686 feet) in the Cordillera Blanca — also known as the Peruvian Andes.

“They saw my (baseball-style) cap and the (water) bottle with the logo of Climbing For Christ,” Edwin said of the climb that ended on Wednesday, July 20. “They asked me, 'What is that?' I spoke of the Gospel and they also accepted Jesus Christ as Savior. Then I (ex)changed my hat with his cap and also my bottle with another bottle of the other French client because they asked me to (ex)change.

“I am sure this (the willingness of clients to listen to Edwin share about Jesus) is the work of the Holy Spirit.”

For this, we give Him thanks and all the glory.

Searching for Alison's mother (Sunday, June 19)

Alison, the 9-year-old girl in the photo above, stole the hearts of the Mission: Peru 2011 team. We met her while evangelizing in Chalhua in mid-May. She was living with her maternal grandparents because her mother was in a hospital in Lima being treated for epilepsy and her father had deserted her. Alison had not seen her mother in three years.

God put on our hearts the desire to reunite this family and to help them in whatever way we could.

Shortly after our short-term team returned to the States in late May, C4C Peru missionary Jaime Servat went to Lima to locate Alison’s mother. We discovered that she was no longer in the hospital, but working on a farm about one hour north of Lima near Huaral City. Alison’s mother, whose name is Taina, was supposed to be on an outpatient treatment for her epilepsy. However, we learned, she could not afford to continue treatments.

Jaime was able to get an address for some of Taina’s relatives in Lima and visited them in early June. “I contacted her brother and sister, who told me that she is living in Huaral and suffering some epilepsy attacks and (it) would be good news that our C4C worldwide mission may help her,” Jaime reported then. “They are willing to be part of a Christian church because they know God is healing. But they need to be encouraged.”

On Sunday, June 12, Jaime traveled from our C4C Peru base in Huaraz to Huaral about a seven-hour drive away. He went with Taina’s sister, Pilar. When Jaime met Taina he could see how Alison bore a strong resemblance to her mother.

Taina, left, walking through the field in Lumbra.

Jaime was able to talk with Taina about “her health and His Word.” They traveled to the village of Lumbra, where she has been living and working. Lumbra is located outside Huaral. “They were excited,” Jaime said, “and after I presented the Lord Jesus Christ (to them) they told me the motives for living in Huaral.”

Taina also told Jaime she is planning to move back to Chalhua in August “to live forever with our loved Alison.”

“Really, I could not believe it, but God was making His will (to be done),” Jaime exclaimed. “So praise God!

“Our new sister in Him, Taina, now was excited because she knows her loved daughter Alison needs her.”

The plan is for her family to open a store in Chalhua. Many families have small storefronts out of their homes, selling food items and other goods.

Jaime praying for healing for Taina.

On the day before Jaime met Taina, the woman had suffered an epilepsy attack. She told him she has about four per month. Jaime asked her to send him the cost of her treatments and medications so we may see if it is possible for us to help her return to the doctors’ care. When she returns to Chalhua, she could be taken to the hospital in Huaraz for further follow-ups.

But, Jaime added, “We believe that sister Taina is healed by the Lord!”

We give thanks to God for allowing us to find Taina and pray that she and her daughter Alison will soon be reunited in Chalhua.

Church in a Peruvian field (Wednesday, May 25)

Pastor Isabel and her son in their small mountain home.
(Photo by Gary Fallesen)

Pastor Isabel Obregon stood in the part of her house where her church meets in the Peruvian Andes village of Chalhua. Two years ago, she started the church there, easing the burden of walking 1½ hours to nearby Yanama. Twenty-two people call this their home church now.

Pastor Isabel asked Climbing For Christ if we could help them build a church in the field next-door to her house. We promised to pray about it. We were about to go out and evangelize in that dirt-poor mountain village sitting at 11,900 feet (3,625 meters). “Let’s go bring in so many people that you need a new church,” I said to Pastor Isabel.

Mission accomplished.

Our inaugural Mission: Peru team — consisting of four North Americans (Jordan and Justin Rowley, and Jesse Fallesen and me) and four Peruvians (missionary Jaime Servat, sponsored-climber Edwin Milla, C4C Peru member Juan Mautino, and Pastor Santos Florentino Ortego) — went out and preached the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ “boldly and without hindrance” (Acts 28:31).

That night, worship needed to be moved outdoors. Too many souls showed up to praise the Lord. We celebrated “church in the field” under a full moon with more than 60 people.

Chalhua is fertile soil. The harvest will be plentiful. Hence, there is a need for a church in that vacant field.

The field where a church could grow in Chalhua. Contrahierbas, a 19,918-foot (6,036-meter) peak, stands in the background.
(Photo by Gary Fallesen)

The land will cost about US$1,800. The cost of building the church is estimated at US$6,000. We told them we would take this request to the Lord. We have done so and now we bring it to you. We ask you to pray for the church at Chalhua and to prayerfully consider giving to this church-building project. If this is God’s will, He will provide through you.

Send your gifts to Climbing For Christ, earmarked Mission: Peru, at P.O. Box 16290, Rochester, NY 14616-0290. Or donate via PayPal. CLICK HERE to contribute and send an email to info@ClimbingForChrist.org to tell us you are supporting the construction of this church.

The Word

“For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light.”
— Ephesians 5:8

The workers

C4C Peru coordinators:

Jaime Servat, missionary
Edwin Milla, sponsored climber

Helping hands

Please prayerfully consider supporting the work God is doing through us in Peru. Send your donation to Climbing For Christ at P.O. Box 16290, Rochester, NY 14616-0290 USA. Or CLICK HERE to give via PayPal.


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