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Prayer Peaks Day 2012

Trip Reports

The 15th annual Prayer Peaks Day on Saturday, June 30 was an event for all ages, including this youngest in Minnesota. (Photo by Isaac Will)


Glynn Tate, who retired a few months ago from over 20 years of Air Force service, and I camped in the back of his truck Friday night near the trailhead of Mount Massive — Colorado's second-highest peak at 14,421 feet (4,398 meters).

Derek Fullerton, left, with Glynn Tate on summit of Massive.

We had an excellent time of encouraging each other and praying for each other late Friday night. Saturday morning we got an early start and summited Mount Massive in pretty good time. Unfortunately our prayer time on the summit was filled with distractions by the erratic thunderstorms building. We left the summit earlier than I was hoping to, but obviously for good reason — we did not sense we were ready to go Home in a bolt. Only the Lord knows what was accomplished by our being there and you and the others who were praying from their destinations.

— Derek Fullerton, Colorado Springs, founder of Prayer Peaks Day and Climbing For Christ board member


Joan, Sherman, Jim, and Matt (photo above) interceded from Mount Bierstadt, an easy Colorado “14er” at 14,065 feet (4,278 meters). They prayed fervently for the church in America, for the people of Colorado Springs (where more than 300 homes were destroyed by a wildfire earlier this week), and much more. Despite some haze from ongoing fires, the Cross Couloir on Mount Holy Cross was visible to the naked eye in the distance. Fine fellowship, wildflowers galore, and five moose near the trailhead added to the day.

— Jim Doenges, Littleton


We had a good time at the Prayer Peaks Day this year. This year, we had to be a bit flexible.  Going in, we didn't know if we would have to move the hike due to fires in the area. The day after announcing the hike, a fire erupted a mile or so from Hogsback. That left the hike in limbo. By the time of the hike, they had that fire mostly under control. There were still fires a bit to the west though which is where winds were forecast to come out of. There was only a hint of smoke in the air.

We began our hike only to have to stop due to some feet that had been blistered on a hike earlier in the week. We decided that the blisters would one get worse and cause more pain with the steeps that lay before us. With that and the possibility of heavy smoke forecasted to head our way along with some high heat, we decided that a hike just outside of town would have to be put on hold for another day.

Instead, we headed up to the campus chapel of Fort Lewis College, which is on a mesa top overlooking the town of Durango. The FLC Chapel is right on the edge of the mesa and had a nice shaded area with benches so that we could worship and pray without overheating.  Arriving there, we could see the smoke plume heading to town. The smoke smell was getting stronger. It was a good reminder to pray for rain and the firefighters out fighting all the fires around town. After praying for a multitude of prayer requests and needs, we were able to worship overlooking the town. It was a pretty amazing time. It was truly a blessing to be able to pray and worship over a town that has so much need.

Though the Prayer Peaks Day is only one day out of the year, the prayers over the town will continue. The worship will continue as well because our God meets the needs of those who pray and call out to Him and that is worth praising and celebrating.

— Michael Wall, Durango


Playing 'follow the leader' off the beaten path.

We attempted to hike Ely's Peak (1,250 feet/381 meters). Apparently, I have a rock climber “trail sense” as every decision I made on where to go led us to a dead end at a climbing area. We had a great time as families outdoors and we now share the option for another future attempt. Our effort on Ely's Peak, like life and ministry, is not yet done. Onward and upward!

— Isaac Will, Chanhassen

New York

Jordan Rowley and Gary and Hayley Fallesen (in photo) climbed Giant Mountain in the Adirondacks — at 4,626 feet (1,411 meters), it is the 12th-tallest peak in New York State. They completed this “strenuous” 46er with a time of prayer, lifting the nation and especially our brethren in fire-ravaged Colorado.

The view of the Adirondacks' High Peaks wilderness from the summit of Giant. (Photo by Gary Fallesen)

They were met at the top by Bob, who heads up a ministry for troubled city youth in Buffalo. Bob Kuebler had ascended Giant with five Buffalo youth and two other adult leaders. They lifted the work that Bob, a Mission: Kilimanjaro 2011 team member, is doing in the city — and the work we will be involved with in the city of Rochester in the weeks, months and years ahead. As well as all He is doing through Climbing For Christ in the mountains throughout the nations.

— Gary Fallesen, Rochester


Mike Gordon, Claus and Wanda Burchert, Marg Oleskwo, Brad Soapboro, and Debbie Everts on summit of Table. (Photo by Brandy Everts)

Seven people gathered together with the focus of climbing Table Mountain (8.6 kilometers, 7,050 feet/2,149 meters with a 2,250-foot elevation gain) in Beaver Mines Alberta to pray for Canada, Climbing For Christ, and to lift up and glorify the Lord! The day was filled with incredible views of the mountains God created and sweet fellowship and encouragement to one another.

A short thought was shared from Psalm 24: “Who may ascend into the hill of the Lord? And who may stand in His holy place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart.” The challenge was delivered; whether we are climbing physical mountains or mountains in our lives that we will ascend with clean hands and a pure heart in ALL we do. In verses 7-10 the psalm begins to declare the name of the Lord and who God is. In all that we do may we declare who God is and His name and worship and glorify Him!

— Brandy Everts, Pincher Creek

United Kingdom

We commenced our climb at 19:30 GMT as planned and were greeted with a deluge of water. We sensed the irony that our Colorado team members could have done with some of that rain especially as we watched the lower areas flood. The UK Prayer Peaks Day team was split into three groups and coincided all their climbs to three viewpoints in the southwest of England. Due to the poor weather, the main group was forced off the summit after a brief period, but continued to openly pray together as they descended. We were blessed with ferocious downpours, encouraging fellowship and interceding sunsets. It truly was a privilege to be part of Prayer Peaks Day 2012 whilst being able to dynamically pray for the world and the locality where we live.

— Matt Caswell, Bristol

Posted July 1, 2012

The Word

“... because the creation itself also will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. For we know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now.”
— Romans 8:21-22 (NKJV)


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