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Mission: Mexico

Gearing Up

Mission: Mexico is scheduled April 15 to 26, 2005. Team members for this Evangelic Expedition are expected in El Paso, Texas, before 1 p.m. on April 15. Climbing For Christ member Tim Trezise of EduVenture Mexico will pick up the group there and drive us the seven hours to Rancho Huapoca in the northern state of Chihuahua, Mexico. Visas will be obtained at the border. Anyone who doesn’t have a passport must bring an original birth certificate and driver’s license (or photo ID) for proof of identity. No immunizations are needed for northern Mexico, but Hepatitis A and up-to-date tetanus shots are suggested.

This will be a work mission. We will be building a home for EduVenture’s new adventure leader. (EduVenture is a non-profit Christian organization, based in Tucson, Ariz., in which college students from North America learn to serve in a different culture.)

"It will most likely be a lot of hard, physical labor, mixing cement and moving cement blocks around," says Tim Trezise, who notes that the dress code for the ranch frowns upon shorts (unless exercising) and men must wear collared shirts. Women must dress modestly, no skin showing, tight shirts or body-pierced jewelry.

Meals will be provided on the ranch by EduVenture. Climbing For Christ will pay for this food. It will be Mexican cuisine. "It is a simple diet of beans and tortillas mostly," Trezise says. Food for meals on the road and while canyoneering must be purchased by individuals in El Paso.

Team members are expecting to build sport climbing routes on the cliffs at the ranch.

Some horseback riding, rock climbing and bouldering will be done during the building project. There will be a canyoneering trip to Basaseachi Falls National Park toward the end of the mission. Basaseachi, which is 5½ hours from the EduVenture ranch, features the biggest sport climb in the world, El Gigante. The park is likened to Zion National Park in Utah.

The group will then finish with bouldering in legendary Hueco Tanks, outside El Paso.

 Tentative itinerary:

  • Friday, April 15 – Arrive in El Paso, Texas before 1 p.m. for transport to Rancho Huapoca late in the day.
  • Saturday, April 16 to Tuesday, April 19 – Building project.
  • Wednesday, April 20 to Sunday, April 24 – Canyoneering trip to Basaseachi Falls National Park.
  • Sunday, April 24 – Return to El Paso, Texas late in the day.
  • Monday, April 25 – Bouldering at Heuco Tanks.
  • Tuesday, April 26 – Flights home.

Your expenses:

  • Airfare to and from El Paso, Texas.
  • Accommodations in El Paso if you must arrive before April 15 to ensure being there by 1 p.m. and for the night of April 25.
  • Meals on the road and while canyoneering (to be purchased in El Paso after arrival).
  • Any other incidentals.


Packing list

A general list of the gear you'll need:

- Sleeping bag and pad
- Two water bottles or equivalent of two liters (Camelbaks are OK) per person
- Two pair of work clothes: preferably old collared shirts and two pair of nicer casual clothes
- Underwear and socks
- Sunscreen and chapstick (SPF 15 or more)
- Rain jacket
- Small container of waterless hand cleanser
- Iodine tabs or small bottle of chlorine (water filters are heavy)
- Dry bag (if have one or EduVenture can provide these)
- 3 or 4 T-shirts
- A warm fleece
- 1 or 2 pair synthetic long underwear
- Winter hat
- Sun hat
- Sunglasses
- Waterproof camera or means of keeping a camera dry
- 2 pair of good hiking socks
- Hiking boots
- Good internal frame backpack
- Harness with belay device and locking biner
- Helmet (if have one)
- Climbing shoes
- Good durable sport sandals (Chacos have proven to perform best)

Group gear: enough tents for your group, one dynamic and one or two static ropes, 70' of 1" webbing, belay and rapel hardware, rap rings & extra locking biners or ovals.

EduVenture can provide a cup, bowl & spoon for everyone as well as take care of all the cooking utensils and fire.


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