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 Author Thread: Mineral Wells, TX
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Mineral Wells, TX
Posted: 19 Apr 2011 10:16 AM
Spring break at Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) allowed for 2 trips to this State Park 90 miles west of Dallas, TX! Daniel and I showed up Friday night with no reservation and luckily got a basic campsite with a grill, site for a tent, a picnic table, with a place to park while amidst trees and other campsites. Check it out at
The day of climbing on Saturday with 5 others was sunny at Penitentiary Hollow. The morning was mellow. The afternoon picked up and routes to set up on became more scarce. Fortunately, people were very friendly and more than willing to give us rides up their lines! The rock is very grippy and will bite. The sharpness of the texture can be felt on some routes more than others on this drainage ditch type of rock formation.
The second visit during Spring Break took place Wednesday, March 16th to Friday the 18th. All campsites were full well in advance to all but the primitive ones that you need to hike to. These primitive sites are a few miles out and we did not come prepared to cart our car camping extravaganza that far. Fires were banned at that time except for charcoal, this is the first time I have come across legal use of charcoal fires, with illegal use of lighter fluid. This fire restriction was in place at Fort Richardson as well. Fort Richardson is a place to camp about a 1/2hr drive from Lake Mineral Wells and put us up for two nights with no previous reservations. Climbing on Thursday was mild in the morning and blew into full swing with many ropes midday and into the afternoon. Penitentiary Hollow overlooks Lake Mineral Wells at the top of each route seeming to bring the climber back to ground level above the reservoir.
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Re: Mineral Wells, TX
Posted: 19 Apr 2011 10:25 AM
Sounds like a great trip!

Love, Laugh, Live- wannagotothepark?
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