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donelson is not online. Last active: 4/26/2011 12:24:07 AM donelson
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Puja ceremony
Posted: 26 Apr 2011 12:23 AM
I haven't posted on here before, but I've read the updates and newsletters from time to time...still hoping to make it on a trip to a big mountain with you all someday soon!

My question is: Who has climbed on Everest and had any sort of experience with the Buddhist Puja ceremony? I was just reading about climbs and the ceremony came up, and once again I was wondering about it. How should a Christian handle the sherpas' requirement (from all I read and see on documentaries, it's a requirement) that they participate in this ceremony, in order to climb the mountain? What have you all done in this situation? I can't see ever being okay with participating in the ceremony, and I'm not sure there's a culturally acceptable way to respectfully bow out of being a part of it - thoughts? (I hope to one day have a reason to seriously consider this from a personal standpoint...if I ever land that million dollar teaching job!)

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