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Climbing DVDs
Posted: 28 Mar 2007 10:10 PM
Ok, Wow! I just got done watching "Higher Ambitions." I was not expecting this at all! It was shot by a Minnesotan even! I watched the Imax Everest one before this and it is also a good movie, but I thought that although it was not filmed with an imax camera, Higher Ambitions is a superior movie to almost every other climbing movie I have seen. Great REAL climbing, real exposure, real characters, really a great movie! I am going to have to get the chapter together to watch this one on a big screen... now where can I find a projector and a room...

Wow, buy it. It is that good, it belongs in your collection.

As an aspiring videographer, I was really impressed how he climbed and filmed and how it was all coherently edited together.

I also picked up his video on their Cho Oyu expedition, while that is also a great movie, Higher Ambitions is by far way better! I even had to call my climbing partner a few times and say, "DUDE, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED!"



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